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“ Your diet is a bank account. Quality food choices are good investments”


They say nothing brings people together like good food, but here at Luxofood, we use only the best and real quality food to bring together all the most amazing things known to your tastebuds, health and diet.

Welcoming culinary enthusiasts, gourmets, epicureans, foodies and more, we at Luxofood is ready to dish out all about our littleonline grocery marketplace. Read up on what makes Luxofood the first of its kind, how we put ethics into food business and just why you should stick around for more.

What is Luxofood?

Luxofood is an online grocery marketplace located in Jakarta. We specialized in curating exceptional quality food products, mostly imported items which are not easily available to most consumers in Indonesia, except in a few restaurants. In addition to sourcing a range of quality imported food, Luxofood is also your gateway to endless exciting food products, such as : authentic local produce, homemade artisanal food, chef special creations and more.

We know just how frustrating it is to have limited options when it comes to high-end quality ingredients, so we’re pleased to bring you our collection of exclusive products, from the exotic foie gras, truffle to caviar. Our selection of frozen meat and seafood products are not only fresh, but covers some of the most sought after items such as scallop, Norway salmon, trout fillet and more.

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Get ready to taste some of the most exquisite bakery and patisserie products, made fresh daily by order. How about a wide selection of cheese, delicatessen, spices, herbs, and pasta? Because yes, we got all of them stocked and ready to pack for you. Enjoy picking organic vegetables, fruits, sweets, beverages and more right at the comfort of your home and have them delivered for you to serve.

Because at Luxofood, we’re more than your usual online grocery store.

Luxofood – Ethical Food, Ethical Marketplace

The art of quality food at Luxofood is something that sets us apart, compared to other similar providers. Here are a few things that we swear by in our practice :

Luxofood team spends time and efforts in sourcing quality products. Our curation process involves personal tasting on almost all foods and research on them, which is why we are 100% confident of our products at all time.

As we offer fresh, dry and frozen products, we manage the entire supply chain ourselves to ensure the optimum quality for your satisfaction.

We care about logistics and only use quality packaging to make sure that the food quality is never compromised till they safely arrive at your destination.

Each product is displayed only when they are available in our inventory. This means that you’re getting what you see at no extra waiting time.

Our delivery time is highly flexible. Customers may choose next-day delivery or up to 15 days in advance. More delivery schedules are coming soon too!

We do honest pricing at Luxofood! You can expect the same selling price from us as you would at a specific artisan’s place or other websites.


Enjoy Luxofood July-August Launching Promo!

To pamper you more, get our launching promo which includes 15% discount for website purchase! Also, we offer free delivery for orders about IDR 1.5 million and whatever your delivery time is, we’ll be sure to get it right on time.


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