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Ham & Bacon

Our selection brings the finest hams and irresistibly smoky bacons straight to your table.

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For ham lovers, we offer a range of world-class options like Virginia ham, German smoked ham, and honey-glazed holiday hams. Each variety develops rich, nuanced flavors through curing and smoking over fragrant wood chips.

Our fresh Virginia hams get salt-cured and smoked in traditional pits – creating their signature sweet, salty, and lightly smoked taste. Ideal for baking into savory holiday centerpieces.

German smoked hams deliver a bold, robustly smoky essence thanks to long cold-smoking periods over smoldering hardwood embers. You’ll crave the intense, almost bacon-like flavor.

For a sweet, caramelized treat, our honey-baked hams get lacquered in a crisp, sticky glaze after slow smoking. Perfect for glazed ham sandwiches!

But many would say bacon steals the show. We offer incredible artisanal bacons in styles like classic hickory-smoked, double-smoked, and pepper-crusted varieties. Each thick-cut slab gets dry-cured and smoked to perfection for an unbeatable smoky, salty, meaty punch.

Cook up these nitrate-free bacons for the ultimate breakfast accompaniment. Or use them to add incredible depth to dishes like mac and cheese, burgers, or salad crunch toppers.

No artificial ingredients, liquid smoke flavorings, or shortcuts allowed – just high-quality pork bellies, salt cures, real wood smoke and time-honored techniques from our producers.

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