This is good news for our Happy Customers. Luxofood introduced a new feature that allows anyone to get delivered his products in the most convenient manner!
With our new feature, called “Split Shipment,” you can get opportunity to split your order into 2 shipments. This is useful in situations where you want to get delivered ASAP the products which are readily available and at a different day and time those only available the following day.

Split Shipment
1. You can add to your cart products that are readily available and can be delivered the same day.

2. You can add to your cart products that can only be delivered the following day .

3. You will see a notification be pop up. If you click “Yes”, you agree to make a split shipment. If you dont want to use this method click “No”.

4. If split shipment is selected, you can find the details on the checkout page.

Can I revert back to single shipment? YES!!

If you change your mind and want finally to get all delivered the same day, just click on the button “Cancel partial delivery” on the bottom of the cart page.


Please keep in mind that splitting the order may cause an extra charge in the shipping and packaging fee for the second shipment. The first order will be delivered today ASAP, but if you want to receive the first package at a specific time you may write on the order notes.

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