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Luxofood : Premium Online Supermarket that Makes Your Life Easier

So many online supermarkets, so little time. The growth of online groceries and delivery online food means one thing for you as the consumers : choices, convenience and comfort. But the wide options of online supermarkets  can also mean confusion. Who to choose? What’s the difference? What are the benefits? Well, today we’re going to dive deep into everything you need to know about our premium and gourmet online grocery store – Luxofood.

5 Reasons You Need to Seriously Switch To Luxofood

Luxofood : premium online supermarket that makes your life easier

1. Curated control

As our own online supermarket, we get to control everything the way real foods are intended. Especially with the cold chain from end to end that we fully control, you get to enjoy quality products and safety that are fully maintained from vendors to customers. Each item received is then carefully checked to ensure its hygiene and standard, which is something we truly believe in for your ultimate satisfaction!

2. Finest artisans and local chefs

Luxofood is one of the rarest online supermarket to provide access to finest artisans and local chefs. These are the people well known for their excellent culinary skills, and whose creations you have enjoyed from time to time in selected cafes or establishments. 

Luxofood : premium online supermarket that makes your life easier

To name a few, we have Chef Simon from Apero, Chef Camille Benedetto-Floose from French, chef Stephane Simond of Folie  and more. We also work with different bakeries and patisseries, vendors and brands – both local and import so that you can have that extensive options when it comes to food. 

Think of our online supermarket as the coming together of fine dining restaurant, imported goods provider and local produce champion. This is how you can experience the true gourmet enjoyment, anytime, anywhere. 

3. Premium is the name of the game

Rare chocolates, finest wines, vegan selections, exotic herbs, hard-to-find brands in local stores – well, they are all available at Luxofood. Our online supermarket also carries foie-gras, oyster, caviars, salmon, lobster, delicatessen, sorbet, and you name it. We also have the largest wine selection, including other alcohol choices such as craft beer and more. 

Luxofood : premium online supermarket that makes your life easier

But surprisingly at the same time, you can also find affordable and fresh local products such as fruits and vegetables, eggs, baking supply, meat, friendly brands of milk and others. Because while premium is the name of the game, we still relate to your everyday needs too. 

4. Total Convenience

The best thing about shopping at an online supermarket is the convenience, and we absolutely understand that. This is why we keep expanding our options so that you can just shop at one place and one place only. As a one-stop gourmet service and online supermarket, Luxofood is one place you can count on for complete products. 

You can find payment options that are very flexible to today’s consumers. More importantly, you can check out all your items at one go, but select TWO different dates for separate shipment! This keeps your items and ingredients fresh, but skipping the shopping hassle altogether. As far as delivery goes, you can also count on our logistic partners! 

5. Supporting local communities

Luxofood is available in different cities in Indonesia, from Jakarta to Bandung and Bali. We work together with the local communities, providing them with working opportunities right in our own food depot. We engage with local chefs and food artisans, spreading the joy of their awesome creations through our online supermarket platform. This is something that we believe in and will continue to work on with your support as our loyal customers! 

The Online Gourmet Experience at Luxofood

For daily needs or special occasions, Luxofood is ready to be your partner in everything delicious, premium and nutritious too. Find everything you need for home dining, home cooking and beyond only with us. Shop today!

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