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Cured & Smoked Meats

Our selection delivers the finest cured and smoked meats from artisan producers. Dive into delectable cured delicacies and exquisite smoked flavors.

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For smoked fish lovers, we offer an incredible array. Our smoked salmon stands out with its velvety texture and rich, peaty notes. Or try our buttery salmon gravlax – salt-cured then lightly smoked over wood chips.

Smoked trout, mackerel, and whitefish also make appearances. These get gently smoked to enhance their delicate fish flavors with a kiss of wood smoke.

On the cured meat front, our prosciutto di Parma is a star attraction. These brine-cured, air-dried ham legs develop an incredible ham flavor and chewy texture over 18+ months of curing.

Other specialties include salami in varieties like soppressata, finocchiona, and even truffle-studded salamis. These dry-cured sausages deliver incredible depth from their slow fermentation and aging processes.

And you can’t forget dry-cured Spanish meats like jamón serrano and chorizo. These get cured using traditional methods and smoked over wood for their signature smoky essence.

All our cured and smoked offerings skip artificial preservatives, dyes, and chemicals. Just high-quality meats, sea salt, time and skilled artisans crafting each product to reach peak flavor and texture.