How to add product to my order?

Once an order is placed, you can't add new products because your order has been distributed to all our vendor partners. However, we can cancel and refund your order as Stroe Credit to allow you to place a new order or, alternatively, you can simply create a new order with the additional products you want to buy, choose pickup shipping method and add a note "combine with my previous order". We will then delivery to you both orders in same time (make sure to select the same delivery day and time). Note: pickup orders cannot be combined with regular courier shipping method, only with motorbike delivery.

Can you order for me?

Luxofood is an e-commerce website which allows you to place an order by yourself with ease and simplicity. Products are well documented to guide you in your choice. However, if you have question your can contact our customer servicein the link provided in the website.

Minimum Order and Free Shipping

There is no minimum order. Free shipping is available for orders above Rp1,500,000 with all products combined in one shipment.

How to change delivery date?

Delivery date and time can be selected in cart and checkout pages. Once order is placed, please contact us by email or whatsapp to change delivery date/time. Note: due to vendor last order time, we will indicate you the ealiest date or time we can deliver.

What are the payment available?

We partner with mutliple payment gateway to ensure you fast and secure checkout. We offer Virtual bank transfers, Debit and Credit Cards, eWallets, Cash on Delivery (COD) and Manual bank transfer. For more detail visit our Payment Information page.

What is "Select your Location" and popup?

Because Luxofood operates in different cities and collaborates with local artisans and chefs, not all products can be shipped everywhere in Indonesia. Therefore, we require you to select your location (link in homepage and above "add to cart" in all products) before adding to cart. In case you haveadded products to your cart and change location, you cart will be cleared. A message will popup to warn you.

How to apply a Coupon code?

A coupon code can be applied in cart or checkout page. There are messages in top of the pages to guide you.

I receive a Gift Card, what should I do?

Do your shopping and add the giftcard number in the coupon field showing in cart or checkout page. Note: gift cards expire 12 months after reception. Gift card cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Can I cancel my order?

It depends on the product you ordered and the time of your order. If a product has already been prepared by the vendor, the order can't be cancelled.


I did not receive my order: what should I do?

Please verify again the order send by email with the date and delivery time selected are correct. We currently offer 2 hours delivery time slot, for example 13:30-15:30 which means our deliver promise cannot exceed 15:30. In case we exceed, we usually try to inform you in advance if a partner is late, traffic or weather conditions are bad. You can contact us by email or whatsapp for updates.

What are the availabe shipping method available?

You can choose to get delivered or pickup your order. For delivery we use Mortobike or Car depending the volume and weight of your order. For non-perishable products we use regular courier. Once we handover the products to a regular courier, a tracking code will be sent to you by email. For motorbike and car delivery, as you have selected you delivery date and time we do not provide tracking link. More information on our Shipping and Return Policy.

I want to Pickup my order

At Checkout, you can select "Pickup" as shipping method. Free of charge but you can only pickup your order at the date and time selected.

I received the wrong product, what should I do?

Please contact us by email or whatsapp. Chilled and frozen products have to be stored properly in fridge or freezer the time we replace them.

Can I change my shipping address?

Once an order is confirmed, shipping address cannot be changed. The entire order can only be refunded to your credit store and you can order again.


Where to find product expiration date?

Product expiration date is available in product page and will appear in cart, checkout and order confirmation email.

Product picture VS real

Pictures on the website might be different from the product received due to multiple reasons, for example: you purchased a natural product (ex: beef steak) that comes from an animal wich size and fat content varies from another animal or perhaps a manufacturer has changed their packaging but Luxofood still has non-expired stock with previous design.

Product inquiry or looking for a good Wine Pairing?

Each product has detailed description with origin, brand and instructions. For wine pairing you can follow our guides.

Product Weight

Product weight is often shown as for example "450g up" which means you will receive at least the quantity mentioned (in our example: 450g). In any case we display the product weight after reheating, cooking or baking.


Less Plastic

In order to reduce our plastic consumption and carbon footprint, we continously work with our vendors and suppliers to limit or avoid the use of plastic and combine deliveries as much as we can. Using our data, we have reduced by 50% the use of plastic in our packing operation when we ship by motorbike or car (shipping with regular courier requires extra precautions and plastic cannot be avoided yet). Chilled and Frozen products are shipped using Thermafreeze ice packs which are the most efficient, keeping the goods safe until your home. By selecting your delivery date and time, we have optimized the used of thermafreeze to a minimum. Thermafreeze can be reused for a long period of time, just keep them in your freezer. If you do not wish to keep them or have a lot in stock, we offer free pickup. Please contact us by email or whatsapp to organise the collection.

Cooking or heating instructions

Cooking or Heating instruction for Prepared meal or ready to bake products are available in product page, in description tab. Chef products labels have a QRcode that link to the instructions. Simply scan and open the web page.

Want to sell on Luxofood?

If you are an Artisan, a Chef or a distributor with fully register PIRT or BPOM, please fill the contact form and we will get back to you.

Credit Store

Luxofood Store Credits are used for refund, cashback or if you wish to deposit money in your account for fast checkout. If a refund occurs the amount will be credited to your account (if you checked out as guest, we will issue a coupon) and the amount will be used automatically on your next order. If you wish to deposit money in your account, go to my account>store credit, click "buy credit", enter an amount and click add. You will be redirected to checkout page to pay with your preferred method. For every store debit or credit occuring on your account, you will received and email and at anytime you can review your balance in your acocunt.

Register on Luxofood

To create an account on luxofood you can either go to:, or create an account during checkout: check the box "Create an Account".

Login on Luxofood

Click on the profile account or go to, enter your email and click send. A link will be sent to your email, click it to login to Luxofood. No password required. Simple and Secure.

Can you send your pricelist?

Luxofood is a retail business with more than 6000 products, we do not provide any pricelists. You can conveniently search on the website and add the products you seek into your whislist for comparison.

Can I have a discount?

Promotions and coupons are set directly on the website or sent in our weekly newsletters. Our Referral program offer you the opportunity to get more coupon discount.

Shopping List or Wishlist

To save a product for later in your account, click on the icon "heart". The product will be save in your account>wishlist, you can access your saved products and add them to cart by clicking on the heart icon or in "my account>wishlist"