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Salami & Cured Sausages

Explore our mouthwatering collection of dry-cured salami and sausages bursting with robust, savory flavors.

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Our salami selection showcases iconic Italian and Spanish varieties like soppressata, finocchiona, genovese, and chorizo. Each salami develops its distinctive flavor through slow curing and fermentation processes.

Soppressata delivers a classic zesty, peppery punch accentuated by notes of red wine or fennel. Genovese is a milder, subtly spiced salami. And finocchiona gets an aromatic kick from black pepper and fennel seeds.

For richer, meatier flavors, try our authentic Spanish-style chorizo sausages. Both smoky and garlicky paprika varieties are available. They lend incredible depth as tapas, pizza toppings, and in hearty stews.

Our French saucisson sec similarly gets dry-cured to produce its dense, velvety texture. Varieties include herbes de Provence, black pepper, and garlic-studded styles.

For show-stopping charcuterie boards, don’t miss our saucisson stuffed with dried fruits, nuts, and even truffles or peppercorns for textural and flavor contrasts.

All our salami and cured sausages get made by respected producers using only high-quality pork, sea salt, and seasonings. You’ll never find artificial nitrates, chemicals, or preservatives.

Instead, our artisan partners employ centuries-old techniques like slow fermentation and extended air-drying. This allows the salamis to develop true depth of flavor and signature cured textures.