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Dessert Wines

Dessert wines are the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth and elevate any dessert or cheese course. Our selection of these luscious and flavorful wines, showcasing the finest expressions from renowned regions around the world.

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One of the highlights of our dessert wine collection is the iconic Sauternes region of Bordeaux, France. These wines are crafted from grapes that have been affected by noble rot, a beneficial fungus that concentrates the sugars and flavors in the grapes. The result is a wine with intense notes of honey, apricot, and citrus, balanced by a refreshing acidity. Our Sauternes selection includes offerings from prestigious châteaux, as well as more approachable and affordable options.

For those who prefer a richer and more indulgent dessert wine, our collection of Ports from Portugal is sure to delight. These fortified wines are made from a blend of grape varieties and are often aged in oak barrels, resulting in a complex and velvety texture with flavors of ripe dark fruit, spice, and nuts. From the robust and full-bodied Vintage Ports to the more approachable and versatile Tawny Ports, our selection has something for every palate.

Beyond these classic regions, our dessert wine collection also features a range of unique and lesser-known expressions. Explore the aromatic and floral Moscatos from Italy, the luscious and honeyed Tokaji Aszú from Hungary, or the rich and decadent Icewines from Canada. These wines offer a delightful departure from the traditional, allowing you to discover new and exciting flavors.

Whether you’re pairing your dessert wine with a rich chocolate dessert, a cheese plate, or simply enjoying it on its own, our selection is sure to delight. These luscious and flavorful wines are the perfect way to end a meal or indulge in a luxurious moment.