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Meat Spreads

Our selection offers the finest gourmet meat spreads to elevate any charcuterie board or sandwich.

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For rich, velvety indulgence, explore our collection of decadent pâtés and mousses. These French-style delicacies get made by slowly cooking and blending premium meats and fats into creamy, full-flavored spreads.

Our classic pâtés showcase meats like pork, chicken liver, and even wild game. Some get accented with ingredients like mushrooms, truffles, Grand Marnier or brandy for incredible depth of taste.

Meanwhile, our airy mousses provide a lighter, fluffier alternative without skimping on decadence. Chicken liver mousse is a signature variety – deeply savory with a hint of sweetness.

For bolder flavors, don’t miss our rustic pâtés and terrines made from ingredients like wild boar, pheasant or venison. These country-style creations pack robust, earthy, almost meaty notes into every bite.

On the lighter side, we also offer delicate seafood options like smoked trout rillettes and crab or lobster mousses with bright, briny flavors.

All our spreads get made from scratch in small batches using humanely raised meats, high-quality dairy, and robust seasonings. No preservatives or artificial flavors allowed.

Serve these rich, creamy spreads simply with crusty bread, crackers or cornichons. Or incorporate them into dips, canapés or elegant tarts for easy entertaining.

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