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Welcome to the New Luxofood

Since 2018 our platform has evolved quite a lot: adding more and more vendor, products and locations then 2024 is a year of a new transition, Luxofood now allow you to communicate directly with vendors and they ship directly order.

This new way offer lots of new avantages such as:

  • To get delivered faster or earlier: think of breakfast in bed freshly baked pastries delivered at 7am and still hot
  • Order can be fully customise with vendors, it might be a special butcher cut or package wrapping with a card.
  • Hot food or fragile items (ex: flower) can now be sold.

- luxofood 2024: a fresh new look and so much more
Previous way
- luxofood 2024: a fresh new look and so much more
New way

Rest assured, our passion for quality food has not changed, vendors and their products must be approved by us before selling. We curate them based on the originality of their product, taste and operations (storage, shipping, hygiene…).

Our 2024 roadmap is quite full already, we have exiting new products and promotions coming out soon and the Best way for you to stay informed about Luxofood, is to join our Newsletter below. Please subscribe!



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