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Our cheese collection brings the finest selections from Italy, France and local Indonesian makers straight to your door.

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Authentic Italian cheeses star in our assortment. Enjoy the nutty, granular crystals of aged Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses. Try the fresh, soft pulls of creamy mozzarella di bufala. Or indulge in funky washed-rind Taleggio with its distinct aroma.

French fromages shine too. Slice into a ripe Camembert or Brie to reveal their oozy, decadent centers. Savor the earthy notes of tangy, soft-ripened cheeses like Époisses or Livarot.

We also proudly feature small-batch cheeses crafted right here in Indonesia. Sample creamy feta or bright chevres from local cheesemakers. These fresh, artisanal curds delight.

No matter which country, you can trust we source only high-quality cheese from esteemed producers and affineurs. Our selections get properly aged to reach peak flavors and textures before making their way to you.

We also offer specialty items like cheese boards, knives, accoutrements and pairing recommendations with every order. Everything you need to construct the perfect cheese course or graze platter.

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