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Luxofood 2024: A Fresh new Look and so much more

- luxofood 2024: a fresh new look and so much more

Welcome to the New Luxofood Since 2018 our platform has evolved quite a lot: adding more and more vendor, products and locations then 2024 is a year of a new transition, Luxofood now allow you to communicate directly with vendors…

LuxoFood Has Been Featured on Whats New Indonesia!

- luxofood has been featured on whats new indonesia!

Luxofood on Whats New Indonesia LuxoFood has been featured on Whats New Indonesia, new Entity now owning Whats New Jakarta!! “Dining at Michelin star rated restaurants is often a rare experience that only few people have had the opportunity to…

Selamat datang di Luxofood

- selamat datang di luxofood
“Ibarat rekening bank, pilihan makanan berkualitas adalah investasi terbaik yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk diri sendiri dan keluarga” Dimana ada makanan, disanalah semuanya akan berkumpul. Di Luxofood sendiri, kami juga punya antusiasme khusus untuk mengumpulkan komunitas yang cinta terhadap makanan dan produk- produk konsumen berkualitas.

Welcome to Luxofood

- welcome to luxofood
“Your diet is a bank account. Quality food choices are good investments” They say nothing brings people together like good food, but here at Luxofood, we use only the best and real quality food to bring together all the most amazing things known to your tastebuds, health and diet.