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You probably know that brunch is short for breakfast and lunch. But do you know that brunch is actually not a recent trend? In fact, it has been around since 1985 as a part of a unique tradition in Britain! The history of this unique meal is just one of the things you will read here. Read on for more interesting brunch facts and information you don’t know you need! A Short ( and Fun!) History on Brunch Viva la brunch with luxofood The concept of brunch can be traced back to the upper-class British tradition of hunting. In between the sports, men and women would gather for early lunch that was dominated with meats, eggs, and adult beverages. So if you are wondering how this wonderful meal time came about, remember to thank the Brits who packed breakfast and lunch into one mega eating session that we all have come to love. In the late 1920’s, the brunch trend began to hit the US ( Chicago) through the high habits of movie stars. On Sundays in the late mornings, actors like Clark Gable, Helen Hayes, and other old Hollywood troupe could be seen making brunch stops at famous hotels. From there on, brunch popularity began to grow. Sunday mornings and afternoons which are the most perfect time to relax became a time for social gathering where friends gather, chatter and enjoy spread of delicious foods and drinks. You don’t need to be a socialite or a moviestar nowadays to enjoy brunch, just the love for social interactions and good quality food. Know Your Brunch Food A typical brunch combines a variety of staple foods that we have come to be familiar with, either sweet or savory. Pancakes, french toast or waffles usually represents the sweet type, while eggs make for the majority of savory dish (egg benedicts please!)

Width= As the trend continues to grow, you can expect to see even more creative brunch menu hybrids, served by cafes and restaurants all over the locations, including in Indonesia. Along with this, brunch becomes a lifestyle that can cater to the healthy types ( salad, smoothie and juices), the hip ones ( brunch as hangover cure anyone?) and alcoholic-drink lovers ( Mimosa, Bellinis, Bloody Marys). Whichever brunch trend you belong to, rest assured that brunch always has a place for everyone and anytime ( well, mostly Sundays!).   Bring Brunch Home Now that we are all caught up with the origin, trend, and typical brunch food. It’s time to embrace the spirit of brunch in its fullest gear. Width=   At Luxofood, we’re all about celebrating quality food and beverages, along with the goodness they may bring. For this reason, we provide a special section for “ Brunch Selection” which consists of everything perfect to spend your Sunday mornings with. If you need more convincing, here is a list of 5 things why you should skip brunching at fancy cafes and create your own brunch at home, with Luxofood :

Working together with Levant Boulangerie, Luxofood offers freshly baked pastries, cake & pies,  and healthy sourdoughs. As these comfort foods make up for most of the usual brunch menu, you now have the convenience of express delivery and healthy products in the comfort of your home with ease. Don’t forget to check out our selection of fruits & sweet and condiments to go with your bread.

Beverage lovers, you will approve of our selection of drinks. From imported tea, coffee and more, brunch can be a lovely family affair with a variety of delicious and high quality drinks.

Whatever it is you seek, Luxofood can more than deliver! We have beef, lamb, pork, sausages, fish & seafood – all imported and frozen with the best care in mind.

  • Save Money, Enjoy Your Time

With our delivery partners and a variety of payment methods, shopping for your brunch ingredients at Luxofood now gets easier than ever. Save the hassle of going down to the store and simply pick your items to be delivered.

  • Quality Food, Quality Time

We prioritize ethical foods, which means that all foods that we sell are processed with extra care and integrity. We personally select the foods that are available at Luxofood, and also sample most of them ourselves to make sure of its quality. Never settle for less when it comes to brunch time for your family.   Need more information or brunch ideas at home? Subscribe today to stay updated with all of our new products, recipes, events and more!

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