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7 Best Things About Online Grocery Shopping That Everyone Loves

Browse, add to cart and check out – all from the comfort of your couch. The beauty of online grocery shopping continues to offer the best consumer experience. Online grocery shopping has been shown to drive e-commerce growth, all thanks to the restrictions due to pandemic. 

The trend is on the rise among urban Indonesians, surging up to 15% in the past two years. If you’re new to the concept of online groceries, it’s never too late to join the hype. Afterall, the future of online grocery shopping is not only expected to grow, but it’s here to stay. Without further ado, let’s check these 7 best things about online grocery shopping from everyone’s favorites:

7 Best Things About Online Grocery Shopping

1. Shop ( literally) anytime, anywhere

7 best things about online grocery shopping that everyone loves

We keep saying how you can do online grocery shopping at the comfort of your home, but the truth is : it practically can be done anytime, anywhere. Place your order after the kids are in bed, during your lunch break, or in the midst of Netflix and Chill. Online grocery shopping is available 24/7, it’s entirely different with direct shopping experience where you will have to plan meticulously, travel and do the shopping on the spot.  

2. Save up on gas & other costs.

Let’s be honest, not everyone is a fan of shipping fees for online grocery shopping. But let’s also not forget that choosing to shop grocery online means you can avoid putting extra miles on your car, while also saving gas and parking charges. These may not seem like a lot, but add all the trips up and it can do quite a damage long term. 

3. Buying in bulk never gets easier

We all know that buying in bulk means cutting your grocery costs. But the thought of lugging everything back to your car then unloading them at home, can be a bit too dreadful. 

With online grocery shopping, no more jamming your precious cauliflowers on the bottom of your cart or bruising your hand-picked chicken because of the bulky packages. Online grocery shopping allows you to enjoy finding each item packed nicely and delivered right to your doorstep. 

4. In-store prices and sales

No haggling needed and no worrying if you’re paying more than the next store. When you are doing online grocery shopping, compare prices with ease and make use of available promo or items on sale. You can take your time to calculate, rounding up your purchase at the lowest price possible, while making sure there’s no room for mistakes at all. 

5. Getting the best quality & freshness

Do you know? As an online grocery shopping offering premium and quality items, Luxofood strives to send only the best quality and freshness. This is to ensure customer satisfaction and stores that offer anything less-than-perfect are actually setting themselves up for more costs. 

7 best things about online grocery shopping that everyone loves

Minimizing complaints is actually our key to ensuring your best experience, while also a standard practice at Luxofood at all times. So each time you are shopping groceries with us, know that you are in absolutely good hands. 

6. Choose your delivery time

At Luxofood, we pride ourselves with our split shipping method which allows you to split your orders into 2 shipments. With just one check out, you can choose the items you want to be delivered ASAP while reserving other products for different days and time according to your cooking plans. 

7. Safer than flying

7 best things about online grocery shopping that everyone loves

Yes, you read that right. Many studies including the one by Harvard Study reveals that flights are safer than daily activities such as grocery shopping or dining out. When you put this in perspective, it’s easy to see why this is because of the many factors that affect the risk of infection. Our verdict? Avoid unnecessary outdoor trips and switch to online grocery shopping if you haven’t already!

Selecting The Best Online Grocery Shopping

Now that all you’ve read all our favorite reasons about online grocery shopping, be sure to select Luxofood as your trusted partner in grocery shopping. Other than getting all the convenience, quality and price assurance, we’re also the best place to find rare premium items, imported goods, artisan products, fresh patisserie products, ready-to-eat meals, and so many more!

Head to our store today and reform your way of doing grocery shopping, once and for all with Luxofood!

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