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A Guide to How to Cook Like an Italian

When you think of Italian food, the image of pizza or pasta must have come to your mind. You’re not entirely wrong, but there is more to Italian food than those two beloved dishes. If you claim yourself as an Italian food lover, check out the facts below to get your information in order.
Introduction to Italian Food

Italian food is respected throughout the world, starting from its dishes to Italian ways of cooking. The characteristics of Italian food often is highlighted by its simple, yet high quality ingredients, from meat, herbs, cheeses and more. Cooking skills also factor in as true italian chefs love to minimally manipulate the ingredients during preparation. As a result, Italian food varies greatly and has a distinct unique taste that the world has come to love.
This is why, when one is preparing Italian food at home, it should always be about the ingredients and getting the true taste from the materials, rather than flavor enhancer or other unnecessary additives. Whether you are cooking from scratch or using prepared Italian meat, pasta or sauces, always aim at the ingredients as they are the key for total Italian satisfaction.
7 Basic Ingredients of Traditional Italian Food
To cook like Italian, start sourcing and storing these basic ingredients in your home :

  • Tomatoes

Italy is a big tomato producer which explains why an Italian dish rarely skips this lovely fruit. There are more than 300 types of tomatoes to work with in the regions of Italy, but you can always count on your local produce for the best taste in sauces, salads, soup, pizzas and more!

  • Basil

A famous herb and a must-have in most Italian dish, basil is present in salads, pesto sauce, or any dish. It has great healthy benefits and can easily be attained or grown in your home to add fine flavors in your cooking.

One of the most used liquid in Italy, this liquid gold plays an important part in the history of Italian cuisine. Olive oil can be used in your cooking process or serve with a nice piece of bread to really enjoy the natural aroma and flavor.

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What is an Italian food without cheese? Almost all Italian dishes will feature cheese, from Mozzarella for pizza, Burrata for salad, Parmesan for pasta or risotto and Mascarpone for desserts! Cheese simply works as an appetizer, during entree with your bread and in the mouth-watering sweet course.

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An Italian table must always have wine, water and bread. With 20 different regions, there are many types of Italian bread to enjoy. Whether eaten as snacks or made into a part of a dish, Italians love their bread fresh and authentic all the time.
Bread | how to cook like an italian

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