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Online groceries in the frontline during Corona virus situation

Corona virus situation is putting the world upside down. Obviously basically no country was able to escape. With the activities shutdown and the lockdown in some countries or cities, the people have discovered a new way of living. For those who are lucky enough, work from home is possible and they can spend more time with kids and family.


Going out now represents a significant risk of getting infected with a terrible outcome. And although supermarkets and food stores are still open in Jakarta and across Indonesia, people are clearly turning to online platforms for their groceries. This prevents contact with other people, and the long queues but also helps securing the desired products to a certain extend.

Now, despite the fact the major players in Indonesia, and particularly in the capital, saw their sales spike, their available delivery slots went off board, with reduced available delivery slots. This has pushed online shoppers to test other platforms, which were then able to deliver the same day or next day with a high level of stock reliability.

For the ecommerce platforms supply chain has been put under high pressure. This covers the upstream supply from vendors and suppliers to the last mile delivery to consumers. Indeed, people having been stocking up their food supplies end of February and the motorbike fleets around the city found themselves being a limiting factor. This situation has worsen since a number of riders ran away from the city to their kampung. Groceries big players are now catching up with a clear under capacity in last mile deliveries. 


At Luxofood, our flexibility and our operating model allowed us to adapt quickly to the situation, making sure we could still supply all our products to our customers for as long as technically possible.

That included, working on alternative goods supply, accelerate the deployment of new products, securing delivering capacities, securing the health of our team,  and much more.

The real heroes are our teams in the warehouse and our delivery riders, as they are taking the risk of getting exposed despite all the protection means deployed.

Obviously it was not a smooth ride, but we couldn’t be more grateful for all the support we got.

No doubt there is a clear shift accelerating in the consuming behavior of the world citizens, and the life after COVID19 will be very different from the one before, but Luxofood is here to stay. 

Our purpose remains unchanged, making our customers happy!!

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