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Knowing, Loving and All About Foie Gras

Foie gras must come with a full understanding to be fully enjoyed and savored. There’s more to “duck fatty liver” in foie gras, so brace yourself cause you might just be craving for one after reading our article below :

What is Foie Gras?

The photo of duck foie gras cooked sousvide

Foie Gras (pronounced “fwah-grah”) is the fattened liver of a duck (or a goose), and is considered a great delicacy with expensive pricing. Originally made famous in French cuisine, it has been around since ancient Egypt time as a traditional food and now, a part of luxurious culinary all over the world.

Taste & Appearance

Foie gras is most renowned for its highly refined and delicate taste. It looks similar to a block of butter with very high fat content, which made it all the more silky and savory.

Types of Foie Gras

The are many types and they depend on several factors :

  • Animal
    • Goose : Generally the superior out of the two, but is harder to source and more expensive. The texture is smooth with sophisticated rich flavor, almost creamy.
    • Duck : More easily available, more affordable and easier to produce. Still quite exquisite with rustic and earthy taste. Works best for hot food preparations.
  • Country of Origin
    • French : The most superb and highest quality producer in the world.
    • Canadian : Also a superior type that is produced in Canada.
    • American : Originally started in the New York area, but still considered inferior to French origin.
  • By Preparation/Preservation
    • Foie Gras Entier: Whole liver of duck (canard) or goose (oie), cooked and preserved, usually in a block, and containing no extra additives or mixes.
    • Bloc of Foie Gras: Smaller pieces of duck or goose foie gras whipped and condensed together into a block. Traditional recipes include the addition of truffles.
    • Mousse of Foie Gras: Pieces of foie gras ground or pureed together into a smooth preparation then whipped into a mousse.
    • Pate de Foie Gras: Usually combined with other meat products, like pork, duck or veal. The content of foie gras is less than other products.
    • Semi-cooked Pasteurized Foie Gras (Mi Cuit): Partially cooked and preserved in order to preserve as much of the original consistency, texture, and flavor as possible.
    • Fully Cooked Foie Gras: The most traditional way to prepare foie gras, fully cooked foie gras is preserved in its own fat and sterilized;packaged in tubes or a classic farm-style jar.

The Best Way to Enjoy Foie Gras

A person is trying the best way to enjoy foie gras

There are several popular ways to enjoy foie gras which we recommend below :

Foie gras can be spread like the creamiest butter on bread, or toasted together to become your new favorite. Best enjoyed with sourdough for the extra delicate flavor.

The photo of walnut bread


  • Fruit and jams

Sweet jams, sauces and marmelades with slightly sour flavor is one of the best ingredients for serving foie gras, as the sweetness compliments the taste of duck liver.

The photo of bonne maman – fig jam

BONNE MAMAN – Fig jam (370g)

Both delicacy food with savory taste, foie gras can be served with truffles on a baguette or simply sprinkle truffles on cuts of it to fully absorb the flavors.

The photo of gaillard – whole winter black truffle

Gaillard – Whole Winter Black Truffle (100G) Frozen

  • Cooked

When sliced thinly and pan-seared, cooked foie gras is another favorite with a lot of protein benefits.

Cooked duck foie gras

Cooked Duck Foie Gras (100g) by Chef Simon


Last but not least, only get your authentic foie gras from trusted food provider aka LuxoFood. We prioritize original French quality from excellent brands for your convenience.

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