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Basics of High Tea: How to Host Your Own High Tea at Home

Want to know the tea to high tea? We’re spilling it all the basics for you below to enjoy! From what it is exactly to the guides on how to host your own high tea at home.

What is High Tea?

Not to be confused with Afternoon Tea, High Tea is the British tradition of drinking tea while sitting in high-backed chairs while enjoying a table spread of plated items, such as cold meats, vegetables, salads, pies, or other homemade delicacies. Basically, it’s dinner for the working parts of England today and happens from 5 -7 pm.

The perfect example on how to host high tea at your own home

It’s important to note that the word “ high” actually refers to the table setting rather than “ royalty” or “ posh”. An Afternoon Tea is conducted in low-table settings with comfortable chairs or sofas.

In fact, Afternoon Tea only became fashionable in the early 19th century through the influence of The Duchess of Bedford, which explained the luxurious lifestyle back then. An Afternoon Tea happens during 4 pm and was usually reserved for upper class who had the luxury of relaxing before the working hours finished.

But nowadays, high tea has crossed class divides and became a regular happening for workers and also the upper class society. You can find a high-tea regular events in upscale restaurants, hotels, cafes and more – all for the purpose of socializing, relaxing and enjoying life!

How to host High Tea at your own home?

A person is pouring tea to cup to show the perfect way to host high tea at your own home

Think that High Tea only belongs in upscale restaurants or hotels? Well, you’re not wrong- but there’s no stopping you from hosting your own High Tea event, whether in your own place at home of other locations, if you know the know-hows :

  • The essentials

We’re talking about tea-related accessories, such as teapots for a variety of teas, teacups and saucers, small plates, cake stands, small cutlery or champagne glasses, if you plan to serve it.

  • Milk & Condiments

Milk, sugar and lemon are optional ingredients that you can prepare for your guests to enjoy their tea with. Generally, people love to such flavors to their drinks and it’s a great way to add alternatives to your available tea selections.

The photo of banyumanis - organic coconut sugar (250g)

Banyumanis – Organic Coconut sugar (250g)

Naturally, you will want to serve some good quality tea. Provide a few selection of teas with some interesting choices for your guests. Other beverage that is also commonly served in a High Tea is champagne, but this is optional.

As for the food, a few items you can serve are :

    • Sandwiches

The photo of a pack of 6 half-size baguette bread

Pack of 6 half-size baguette bread

The photo of fruit tart (8-10 portions) to complete your guide on how to host high tea at your home

Fruit Tart (8-10 portions)

    • Jams or cream to go with pastries

The photo of raspberry jam (370g)

Raspberry Jam (370g)


The photo of mixed red fruits (frozen, 1kg)

Mixed Red Fruits (frozen, 1kg)

  • Savories

Want to add a savory flavor as an option to the sweet-dominated menu on your High Tea? You can serve light savory snacks, such as nuts, cheese, or crackers. Just be careful with the selections as you don’t want to over-serve and burden your guests with their dinner schedule.

  • Kids’ Tea Party

If kids will make an appearance to your High Tea, it’s a great idea to include treats such as candies, meringues, chocolates, juice or soft drink in addition to your original menu. Make sure that you also have enough food for your entire party, kids included.

Now, that you’ve known the basics to host your own High Tea at home, it’s time to list out your guests’ names and send out the invites! Nothing beats the intimacy of having your own private High Tea at home, all set to your own liking, budget and style. And if you need any help, remember that LuxoFood is just a click away to all the best quality food ingredients. Good luck ladies!

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