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Everything You Need to Know About Scallops

You probably recognize scallop when it is already served on a plate, a nugget of soft and chewy flesh – mostly served in upscale restaurants that also come in quite expensive price tag. Well, to better know your food is to truly enjoy it, so let’s dive into everything about scallops with LuxoFood now!

What are Scallops?

Scallops belong in the family of mollusks, or shells creatures living in the water. They look similar to most clams, with two hinged shells that are formed of calcium carbonate.

The photo of two scallops

They exist in saltwater environment worldwide and can swim by clapping their shells quickly across the ocean. Their shells can get pretty large to, up to 20cm at the biggest size. Essentially, what’s being served as food is the fleshy inner part which is actually the muscle in white or beige color.

How Many Types of Scallop are There?

Based on location :

  • Sea scallops : The common class which are caught further from land with much larger shell and edible meat. Often offered in upscale restaurants in small serving.
  • Bay scallops  : Caught in shallow waters closer to bays which taste sweeter but also less meat. They are smaller which make it ideal for stir-fries and even served with pasta.

Handling :

  • Wet : Soaked scallops in chemicals which add water weight and extended shelf life.
  • Dry : Natural scallops that are not chemically treated and more superior with sweet taste.

At LuxoFood, we only sell natural dry scallops of high import quality.

The photo on natural dry scallops of high import quality

Scallops Import 10/20 (1Kg) Frozen

A high quality aka pure scallop can be quite expensive to purchase, generally because of the cost of its production or harvest. It has to be picked by manual labor, then cleaned and delivered. Particularly for dry scallops, the quality is even more in demand due to the amazing taste that is free of any chemicals.

What are the Health Benefits of Scallop?

It is naturally low in fat and cholesterol. The fat they do contain is partially comprised of the omega-3 fat that can actually lower your cholesterol.

Last Few Tips!

The photo of scallops are being cooked

Now that you’ve known the facts, here are a few last tips to remember :

  • Always find and buy your scallops through reliable and trusted food provider, such as LuxoFood.
  • Do not overcook scallop for that tender and delicious texture, which means it takes just a few minute to cook so don’t go far from your stove!
  • A little oil and a hot pan usually are all you need to pan-sear the perfect scallop dish.
  • Need more inspirations? Why not add some sauce and herbs to your delight.

Time for A Recipe!!

Discover our Lemon Garlic Butter Scallops recipe, in a matter of few minutes you cook like a chef!!

The photo of lemon garlic butter scallops

Last but not least, good luck!

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