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8 Safe & Festive Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2021

Normally, we are never short on celebration ideas. Chinese New Year is one of the most festive events of the year, and everyone always enjoys it with a bang. But in new normal situations, everyone needs to apply safety measures and that may leave even the best of us stumped. That does not mean that CNY 2021 has to be somber or flat. In fact, there are ways to still make the most out of CNY and keep it unforgettable for everyone while staying safe. Check our tips below :

1. Do your CNY shopping early

Like many years before, preparation is key in a good CNY celebration. Be sure to list out all the things you need and then set some time aside to get them done. Unlike the years before though, it’s more recommended to do your food and ingredients buying online. Keep safe by shop at the comfort of your home with Luxofood. Just one check out is needed, even for multiple deliveries!

2. Feast at home

8 safe & festive ways to celebrate chinese new year 2021

With fewer visits to the homes of your relatives or friends, it’s time to truly enjoy home and go all out. Plan level-up menus this year and really prioritize quality meals, drinks, and desserts – including ice cream that you can savor at home with your loved ones. Instead of ordinary fish, try salmon. And order more quality wine or other savory items you don’t normally enjoy. 

3. Serve all the must-eat items

There are several must-eat items during CNY that represent good luck, fortune, and more! This is not a simple superstition but also a way to create festivities in your own special way. We recommend whole fish, whole chicken, quality meat, party beverages, fruits such as oranges or pomelos, then also noodles everytime you eat at home. 

4. But also try new delicacies

8 safe & festive ways to celebrate chinese new year 2021

Now that you get more time to spend at home during CNY, you can also create new menus that are not only limited to Chinese traditions. We love fine-dining moods for special occasions, something prepared ala-chef but is still easy to serve and deliciously satisfying. This is what our ready-to-eat category is for, everything extraordinary and not-your-usual homecooked meals with a twist of gastronomy.

5. Don’t forget the CNY snacks

Eat and be merry, all the way through. Don’t forget to prepare some traditional snacks such as pineapple tarts, preserved fruits, chips and more. To balance your snack options, prepare some healthy snacks to keep your health in check. We recommend nuts, seeds, and dried fruits .

6. Send love to dear ones

Chinese New Year during the pandemic is still about sharing love and well wishes as we enter 2021 together. Since it’s best to social-distance during these times, send your good thoughts through parcels and gifts which have important values. Find all the favorite foods and drinks items guaranteed to bring smiles to people you love, from friends, relaties, to business partners at Luxofood


7. Keep safe protocols during visiting

If you plan to still pay visits to your friends and families during this CNY, be sure to apply safety measures, such as wearing your mask, keeping your distance and avoid crowded space. Keep your visits short and follow up with virtual or video calls if you need to chat more. By doing our share, the sooner the pandemic will be over and everyone can get on to their normal CNY traditions. 

8. Celebrate & honor traditions

Safe & festive ways to celebrate chinese new year 2021

It’s all about traditions with Chinese New Year and this year it can still be just eventful and meaningful. Keep your traditions by making necessary changes to keep safe during the pandemic. For example, you can still dine together virtually, share moments by sending each other gifts, decorate your homes, and keep the traditions going with small adjustments.

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