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5 Easy Pasta Ideas For Breakfast That Are Too Good To Miss

We know what you’re thinking, why would you buy pasta online or try out pasta recipes for breakfast? Isn’t pasta such a heavy and not that healthy of a choice for breakfast? Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s more than okay to stock up and buy pasta online, then try out a light yet still fulfilling pasta recipes as a healthy option for your breakfast. Read on to find out!

Benefits of Pasta You May Not Know Yet

First thing first, not only is pasta can be used as a part of your healthy diet, it is also filling and satisfying. For example, whole grain pasta is lower in calories and carbs but higher in fiber and nutritions. This combination makes it one of the most perfect choices for breakfast menus. The key is to eat in moderation, be selective with your pasta recipes, and always go with quality ingredients. 

Another thing is, pasta recipes are highly accessible- from the easiest to complex ones. We also love that there are so many varieties of pasta you can use, it’s simply so easy to  buy pasta online and find one type that fits your specific taste – including gluten free options!

5 Easy & Healthy Pasta Breakfast Ideas To Try Today

1. Linguine With Poached Egg & Asparagus 

Easy pasta ideas for breakfast that are too good to miss

Pack your carbs, fiber, protein, and veggies in one simple breakfast pasta dish. This recipe is under 30 minute to make, and is not only delicious but satisfying and nutritious too. For your ingredients, buy cheese online today!

Credit : Sweetpeasandsafron

2. Pasta With Scrambled Eggs

Easy pasta ideas for breakfast that are too good to miss

Pair your yummy eggs scrambled-style with your choice of pasta! Add sausage, herbs, cheese or whatever you feel can make you extra energized. It’s all about quality noodles and fresh eggs, be sure to buy pasta online

Credit : cherryonmysundae

3. Breakfast Mac & Cheese

Easy pasta ideas for breakfast that are too good to miss

The kids love it and adults too! If you haven’t been jumping in the mac & cheese breakfast classic trend, you are definitely missing out. You can also add in bell peppers and onions to kick the flavor in, while offering veggies for the whole family. 

Credit : showmetheyummy

4. Pasta Omelette

Easy pasta ideas for breakfast that are too good to miss

As delicious as it sounds but even better in taste when served in the morning, please welcome pasta omelette. It’s a mix of milk, eggs, veggies, and pasta! You’re gonna need a microwave for this pasta recipe, which is a good sign that it’s also easy to make! 

Credit : mariasmenu

5. Milk Soup With Pasta & Almond


Try this healthy european breakfast idea, which is a popular and common recipe among some countries such as Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Russia and more. Any type of pasta can be used in this easy milk soup, and can be served as a light breakfast that fits the children’s taste.

Credit : theseamanmom

Shop Different Pasta with Awesome Quality 

Pasta has always been a staple favorite for many good reasons, with healthy benefits being one of them. Now that you can incorporate them in your delicious breakfast pasta recipe, it’s definitely time to buy pasta online and recreate your own yummy breakfast for the family. 

It’s important to always choose quality with pasta because in many of these recipes, you will need to use the pasta water as a part of the ingredients. That’s why we recommend you to shop pasta only at Luxofood! 

At Luxofood, you can find all types of pasta of excellent quality brands. We got different types of pasta and premium brands that are not commonly available in your regular grocery store. It’s also important to note that we got all you need at the same shopping platform too. Buy cheese online, milk, egg, herbs or vegetables, and more- all ready for you at Luxofood!

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