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6 Ways to Save Time While Eating Healthy

Having a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you always have to sacrifice your meal quality. In fact, being a busy parent or professional warrants more reasons to stay fit and healthy so that you can continue to stay on top of things. One of the best ways to do it is by maintaining a healthy eating habit with proper meals packed with nutrition. Before you say you won’t have time for it, check out our 7 ways to save time while eating healthy at the same time.

1. Befriend a Quality Grocer

Shop online at Luxofood. As a food provider that specializes in high quality food items, health and convenience are both at the core of our brand. Being your trusted online retailer, you can find many healthy selections at one go without the hassle of visiting your grocery store. Our food list is also categorized into very neat and detailed sections, making shopping super easy. You can pick from our ready to eat, cooking & dining selection, vegan selection and more that will save you time and peace of mind.

2. Choose Healthy Brands

Always running out of time to cook every week? It’s best to stock up on a few healthy brands that will make your life so much easier. You can save up time whipping up healthy meals with the right sauces and dressings. Or, you can get a whole lot more beneficial nutrients simply by choosing trusted brands for your dairy products. Similarly, you can choose artisan food products for your delicatessen and meat.

3. Upgrade To Healthier Versions

There are likely little ways you can upgrade things you eat every day, without having to change your normal routine too much. Look for ways to remove sugar from your morning coffee, switch juice boxes for aromatic tea, or upgrade your cooking with olive oil or butter. By simply finding a healthier way to upgrade the things you already enjoy, you’ll be squeezing more health out of each and every meal.

4. Keep Thing Simple

Don’t have time spending hours preparing complicated recipes? Keep it light and easy with recipes that only require minimal ingredients. Commit to one or two recipes that only need 5-10 basic ingredients and not more than 20 minutes to create.

5. Master Grab & Go

Not the fast-food kind of grab and go, but rather, the homemade kind. For breakfast, this could be meals like overnight oats where you soak them prior in a jar the night before, or 2-ingredients pancake, or chia seed pudding. Lunches may be healthy salads with chicken shred topped with yummy dressings or other varieties. And if you have to resort to fast food, make sure that it’s at least the healthy kind ( wraps with lots of veggies).

6. Have Healthy Snacks Always

Nothing benefits your health, mentally and physically, more than having yummy healthy snacks on the ready. Stock some in your home, office and purse for times when hunger strikes or whenever you feel peckish. We recommend :

By having these nearby, you don’t need to run out to buy meals or order impulsively. Thus, saving you time, and also keep your health level up by not bingeing on junk foods!

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