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During the pandemic we had the chance to taste and sell a first batch of Southern Ranges Beef marbling 2+ and 4+ but due to global supply chain issue we had to be patient and now we are pleased to serve you again with this interested fatty beef 100% grass-fed. It is tasty and juicy, even grain-fed beef aficionados can’t deny its quality.


It was the standard before the 50s, cows were raised in pastures, eating fresh grass and other natural plants, exercising a bit, breathing fresh air, pooing everywhere helping the ground to. After the 50s beef industry value grain feed which help to get cows fattier faster, the whole process is more cost efficient but at what cost for our health?

Now grass-fed beef is back in fame and Australia leads the way. Fortunately for us in Indonesia, Australia is our neighbour and we can now get supply of excellent grass-fed beef.


  • 100% Grass-fed beef: not a grain-fed then finish with grass or a grass-fed with grain finish, nope, 100% grass-fed beef, period!
  • No Hormones used
  • No Antibiotics used
  • And MOST Important: the beef has a marbling 4+ that gives a nice taste and juiciness to the meat.


Southern ranges tomahawk
southern ranges tomahawk

Everything that we sell on Luxofood has been curated which means we have taken the time to evaluate suppliers and vendors deeply. We inspect first their facility, process, packing, storage to ensure hygiene and cold chain all the way to you. Then, we test and taste the products: the fun part but not for our waist!

Our tests consist on evaluating the product aspect, smell and taste before and after cooking.

For cooking, we might use different techniques such as grilling, braising and sometimes air frying. We put ourselves in your shoes to make sure you can enjoy the product at home with ease.

Back to Southern Ranges MB4+ tasting, so we got a T-bones steak (cut from Shortloin), a sirloin (250g and thick) and few slices of shortribs bone-in (galbi cut). After 30min outside the fridge and drizzled with some salt, each piece was cook separately on a hot pan (nothing fancy a simple teflon pan, no fat added) high heat first to sear each side then put the lid on and reduce the heat to low (alternatively, like in restaurant, you can finish cooking in oven: for advanced cooks only).

We cooked the sirloin and t-bone on medium-well and short-ribs well done. Why medium well? Medium should be the standard but we wanted to make sure you will still eat a steak and not a rubber shoe.


Juicy, tender, nice colour and mild beef flavour comparable to a grain-fed beef for sure! Southern Rangs Marbling 4+ is delectable, it is approved and we are now offering various cuts, see below.


Know more about the brand Southern Ranges and the producer

The brand

The very limited AMG exclusive Southern Ranges Marbling 4+ beef is selected only from genetically superior Angus and Hereford breeds, grazed on the rich and green pastures of Victoria. This region is internationally recognised for its ideal climate and constant production of high quality cattle.

They partner with select farmers who share their pride in being able to present Australia’s finest beef to the world. Year-round AMG purchase naturally grass-fed cattle which have no added antibiotics, to they work with select breeders who share they pride in being able to introduce the best Australian beef to the world. All year round, they purchase natural grass-fed cattle that have no added antibiotics, to consistently deliver a great product.

With no added hormones, the marble score 4 beef is all-natural, 100% traceable and processed to meet their high standards at our state-of-the-art facility in Dandenong on the doorstep of the Gippsland region. Their strict hand-selected grading system ensures the Southern Ranges SR4 brand boasts intense flavours, superior  tenderness and eating quality, and a marble score rating usually found only in grain-fed beef. From pasture to plate, you can depend on AMG for the traditional goodness of Australia’s best grass-fed beef.

The producer

Australian Meat Group work with their network of accredited farmers to ensure they purchase 100% naturally grass fed cattle free from Antibiotics and Hormone Growth Promotants. Access to this superior quality livestock coupled with their rigorous hand selected grading system ensures only the best is included in Southern Ranges Platinum Brand. This stringent selection criteria ensures that all Southern Ranges Platinum products boast natural marbling, rich colour, flavour and tenderness. Superior eating quality is guaranteed. The Southern Ranges Platinum Brand has quickly gained a reputation of quality and consistency from retail and food service sectors across Australian and International markets.

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