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Skimmed Milk or Low Fat Milk : All You Need to Know

So many types of milk, so little time! There are more and more alternatives when you buy milk online nowadays, but which one should you choose? For those who are concerned about fat content in dairy, you may tend to buy skimmed milk or buy low fat milk, which are 2 of the most popular choices for healthy milk. Well, there are really no wrong answers about which milk to buy online. Just make sure you already know the differences and benefits for your best use!

Understanding Skimmed Milk

Skimmed Milk is also called Fat Free Milk. It has the same nutrients as whole milk, which is 150 calories in every 240 ml. Whole milk also typically contains 8 grams of fat or about 12% of daily value. Most of the time, people buy milk online and choose this type because it’s considered one of the healthiest.


But if you want to cut down calories and fat while also enjoying milk, skimmed milk can be a better choice. It has less fat and just 80 calories in every 240 ml. When you buy skimmed milk, it does not mean that you’re getting a watered-down pack of milk. Skimmed milk is made through a process where the cream has been separated from the whey to create 0%- 0,5% fat content. But, the nine essential nutrients including protein remain intact. 

Understanding Low Fat Milk

Almost similar to skimmed milk, when you buy low fat milk you’re also getting a type of milk which has been processed in a certain way.The cream is separated from the whey, but in the case of low fat milk, a certain amount of fat ( 1%-2%) may be added back in. As a comparison, white whole milk contains 3,25%. As for the calorie count, low fat milk has about 100 calories in every serving of 240ml.

Skimmed Milk Vs Low Milk : Which to Choose? 

The concern that most have when they buy milk online is mostly about fat content. There is no solid evidence that saturated fat in whole milk increases the risk of heart disease. Although it does increase LDL, but not the most damaging type while also has the ability to raise good HDL levels.


Still, opting to either buy skimmed milk or buy low fat milk can be beneficial as well. Many health experts have advised for these 2 types of milk considering the low calorie count, no added sugar, and intact nutrients that are essential for your health. Both skimmed milk and low fat milk are also safe for adults and children. They can also be used in your smoothies, coffee and most recipes. 

But when you compare the two when you buy milk online, it may all boil down to preference since there is only a slight difference between the two. Kids may generally love low fat milk more because it’s more creamy compared to skimmed milk, while adults, especially those who are concerned about their calcium intake, may opt for skimmed milk. 

If you are still undecided to buy skimmed milk or buy low fat milk, it’s always a good idea to get each and enjoy them for different occasions. While you are at that, don’t forget to get other types of milk available and buy milk online from trusted sources. Be sure to check the expiry date and use as per recommendations. 

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