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How to Choose The Best Place to Buy Wine Online

Thanks to the digital and online movement, it is not at all hard to get anything you want off the internet. The same also applies to when you want to buy wine online, there are so many online shops offering the service. But at the same time, the options can also be overwhelming, but fret not, we’re here to tell you how to tell if your online wine store is any good and why you should choose Luxofood as the best place to buy wine online

What to Consider When You Buy Wine Online

Online wine shops are not the same as your regular stores. You can’t judge the scale or size of the store and selection as well as prices, so it’s wise to be wary when you buy wine online. Check out our 5 things to consider prior to purchasing : 

1. Check for wine assortments

A dedicated wine store should have wide assortments to start with , so it’s recommended to check the spectrum of types and brands so you’re never disappointed. Not only should they carry big brands, but you’d want to have the options of lesser-known authentic wine names. 


At Luxofood, you can buy wine online at one of the most complete selections with over 1700 wines to choose from. We host the largest selection of alcohol and wine which are sourced directly from the vendors, including brands that are hard to find elsewhere. 

2. Transparent pricing

Equally important to the wine selection is the price tag that comes with it. Since we are directly dealing with vendors, Luxofood has been able to deliver the best prices and quality at the same time. With wine, it’s always good to buy ahead of time, and that’s where the promo page comes in handy! From merlot to shiraz and more, we allow customers to curate wine at discounted prices and slowly build their collection to enjoy with full satisfaction. 

3. Payment convenience


Now that quality wine and prices are ticked off the list when you buy wine online, the next thing you want is to make sure that the online store is convenient to work with. Payment wise, Luxofood is proud to offer all payment methods, such as cash on delivery for selected areas, credit card, bank transfer and most popular forms of online payment. 

For many wine connoisseurs, selecting cash on delivery is a convenience because there’s nothing like having the confidence of the products all well received then paying for on the spot. If you are concerned about receiving your items in good conditions, be sure to request this type of payment from us

4. Mailing option

This brought us to the mailing point which is another great convenience when you buy wine online at Luxofood. Wine handling is important during delivery, that’s why we offer motorbike delivery where drivers can apply great care to the bottles. You can also opt for same-day delivery or any-day which means twice shipment for the same order. 

5. Knowledge & reputation


Last but not least, wine is a required taste and experience goes a long way. It’s always nice to buy wine online from someone who knows everything that a good wine entails. At Luxofood, we strive to deliver the personal assistance needed with wine shopping. At the same time, we love sharing our knowledge with food pairing as well as other things wine related, such as our wine of the month. Be sure to chat us up if ever need a recommendation or more info on specific wine brands, types and more. 

Remember that home is where the wine is, and Luxofood is the one place to buy wine online that you can always count on. Visit us today!

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