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6 Best Tips for Cooking Wagyu Beef at Home

Wagyu, a type of beef cattle breed, is surely no stranger to beef lovers. Considered as one of the most premium quality beef, many buy wagyu online to get a taste of the world’s most luxurious steak. With the right amount of fat, flavor and tenderness, it is definitely one thing that is worth being listed in your buy meat online list. So let’s dive deep into wagyu beef and everything you need to know!

What is Wagyu Beef?


Pronounced wah-gyoo, this type of beef is prized for its special genetic qualities. It is characterized by the rich and luscious cut of beef that easily melts once it hits the tongue. Wagyu beef is also distinctive because it is highly marbled or covered in layers of intramuscular fat. Due to the unique genetics of cows, wagyu meat contains a higher percentage of fatty acids than ordinary beef. 

When you want to buy wagyu online, two regions in the world as the best producers of wagyu will come to mind. First is Japanese wagyu and the other is Australian. Both types are tender and delicious, so when you buy beef online, it is recommended that you give both a try! 

How To Cook Wagyu At Home Like a Pro 


With such a special quality of meat, you may be thinking, “ can I do it?”. Well, wagyu beef is indeed not your typical kind of meat to work with. But it does not mean it’s impossible! Many home chefs who have buy meat online have managed to deliver a taste of fine dining to their loved ones. The secrets lie in a few expert tips below : 

1. Try Different Cuts

Wagyu is not exactly cheap, but the good news is : all cuts work perfectly well! There’s no going wrong when you buy wagyu online so you can have full liberty in shopping for your best cut of the day. Whether it’s a standard cut like a fillet or ribeye, sirloin or striploin, you can still get the most splendid cooking and dining experience. So head to our store today and buy wagyu online with confidence! 

2. Thaw before cooking

When you buy meat online, thawing is a natural process before cooking it. The same goes for wagyu beef. It is important to work with it at room temperature so that the beef cooks evenly, from the center to the edge. 

The moment your steaks are thawed, try to cook them right away so you can maximize their freshness and flavor. Pull the steaks out of the fridge about 30 minutes before you’re ready to cook them so they can reach room temperature, too.

3. Work with simple ingredients

Keep in mind that wagyu beef has a distinct flavor on its own that you don’t want to overwhelm with too much complicated seasonings. Simple ingredients such garlic, salt, pepper, butter or olive oil are best to use when you are cooking wagyu at home. 


Expert cooks have recommended basting the steak with butter to soften the exterior and adds extra flavor and richness to the steak. If you are into herbs, a bit of thyme or rosemary for aroma can also add another flavor profile to highlight your meal. Just remember to go light and skip complex sauces and marinades.  

4. Use even high heat

When you buy wagyu online and prepare the ingredients, that’s only half the battle done. The next challenge is to cook your steak to perfection. There are two common ways to cook wagyu at home : using the grill or with a cast iron skillet. Do choose the method that you are most comfortable with for the best result. 

The real secret to your method lies in the even high heat used. Depending on how well you want it done, aim to cook about 3-4 minutes per side. Then check, either by touch or temperature, for a medium rare doneness. 

5. Let it rest. 

It’s best to avoid overcooking your wagyu beef, because letting it rest after it’s cooked can ensure a better dining experience. Remove your Wagyu just before it is fully cooked, then let it rest in a warm place for 5 minutes (for steaks) or 15-20 minutes (for roasts). 

During this time, the temperature rises by several degrees, thus finishing off the cooking process. Resting the meat also allows the juices to redistribute evenly, ensuring a tender, juicy eating sensation. 

6. Don’t just grill it

There are different ways to cook wagyu, so there’s more reason to buy wagyu online at Luxofood. Not just grilling it or serving as steak, you can also try different recipes for next-level wagyu dining, such as stewing, kebab, yakiniku, fried cutlets and more! One thing is for sure, go with quality wagyu when you buy beef online

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