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What’s ina gin you ask? A history rich in heritage and the making of one of the world’s most revered drinks. Without further ado, let’s check out the complete guide to gin – the Luxofood way.


What is Gin?

Gin is a liquor which is predominantly made of distilled botanicals, such as juniper, coriander, citrus peel, cinnamon, etc , with neutral grain alcohol.

Gin is often compared to vodka, because both are grain-based spirits using a rich tradition of European distilling method. They are also both clear and colorless spirit, but vodka is neutral and tasteless. While gin often has distinctive herbal notes.

It’s also often said that gin is giving flavor to vodka, but all done in the natural and botanical way.


Gin- The Origin

While vodka is the drink of the Russians with premium brands originated from the region, gin is believed to be the work of the Dutch. Back in the 16th century, the Dutch began producing a spirit called genever. It consisted of malt wine base and juniper berries, to mask the harsh flavor. Genever was meant to be a medicinal liquid, but by the 1700s, it had taken on a new form : gin.

Due to its original medicinal value and the fact that it was created by a well regarded physician, many believe that gin has certain health benefits. Juniper berries are super berries which are filled with antioxidants, low in calorie and even can fight off cough, kidney or liver disease and more.

But of course, hold your gin yet and let’s see what are the best uses of gin for your enjoyment.


Common Different Gin Styles


  • London Dry

Taste : Junifer with hints of citrus.

Style : Dry with a balanced of juniper and citrus.

  • Plymouth

Taste : Sweeter and earthier

Style : Smooth and not crisp.

  • Genever/ Dutch Gin

Taste : Botanical flavored and malt.

Style : Light

  • Old Tom

Taste : Less of Juniper with malty sweetness

Style : Somewhere between London Dry and Genever, sweet but dry.

  • New American Style

Taste : Flavored depending on its production

Style : Sweet or botanical.


Best Use of Gin



  • For Simple Cocktails


When you need a spirit to mix to your cocktail, reach out to gin as it has a rich flavor profile that enhances your drink. Mix gin and coke and you’ll have a refreshing drink on hand. Especially when you’re making a martini, gin is a great ingredient for a classic and smooth drinking martini.


  • Drink Neat


There are now a lot of gin varieties that are superb to be enjoyed as is without having to mix with other liquor.


  • Pair With Food


Our recommendations include : smoked salmon, cucumber sandwiches, prawn/shrimp, fried seafood, cheese, meat, mussels and berries.


Head over to Luxofood to find all best ingredients to enjoy your gin with! Or consult us for any other questions that you may have with your cooking, drinking, and more.

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