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At LuxoFood, we never pass up a chance to learn more about a particular ingredient, from food to drinks. In this article, our focus will be placed on a spirit that reminds you of summer and tropical drinks of a beachside, rum. Take notes, this is the complete guide to understand rum. Get ready to know more and fall in love with rum along the way!

What is Rum?

Rum is a type of distilled alcoholic drink made from its key ingredient, sugar cane. It’s often mixed in popular cocktails such as Pina Colada, Mai Tai, Punch, Daiquiri, Mojito and more.

The photo of many sugar canes, the first thing to remember in the complete guide to rum

Since it’s made of sugar cane, naturally you’ll think that rum tastes sweet. But be warned, not all rum are sweet because it all depends on the duration of aging process, the type of barrel used and the form of sugarcane used.

A guide about the origin of rum

Rum is produced throughout the world and each region and country have different laws and traditions that are used in its production. But it is most commonly associated with places like Jamaica, Cuba, Barbados, Mexico etc.

A glass of rum will guide your memory into summer and tropical beaches

History had it that hundreds of years ago, there was a sugar craze in Europe, and colonies were established around the Caribbean to make the sweet commodity. But the production of sugar creates a lot of byproduct—namely, molasses. There wasn’t much use for the thick, sticky, sweet substance until it was discovered that molasses could be fermented and then distilled. The alcohol quickly became popular with pirates, sailors and America’s founders.

Common Types of Rum

  • White

You know this one from a mojito, or most drinks that are served with an umbrella. White — also known as light or silver — rums are the lightest in flavor and are typically aged three to six months in tropical climates, or up to one year in colder climates.

Unlike other rums, white varieties are distilled in stainless steel casks, thus they tend to offer the most straightforward rum experience.

  • Golden and Aged

These two types of rum will look very similar, but it’s important that you know which one you’re getting.

An aged rum will have a golden or amber hue naturally cultivated from the casks it was made in. There are also a few aged dark rums available. A gold rum can also be aged, but it often gleans its color from additives.

In terms of taste, an aged rum will have more depth while a gold rum offers a smoother experience with a little more to talk about than a white rum.

  • Dark

Most dark rums are the result of a double distillation and they tend to have the most in common with Scotch or brandy. A third distillation yields blackstrap rum, a deep rum with complex flavors. Regardless of the grade of your dark rum, you should really sip it and can even approach drinking it similarly to whiskey.

  • Spiced or Flavored

The method of flavoring rum with spices or tropical ingredients — like coconuts —has grown increasingly popular. The flavor can either amplify the sweetness of a rum or add heat and complexity.

The easy guide on how to enjoy rum

While rum can be sipped neat or on the rocks, many famous cocktails use the spirit as a base, including the Mojito, the Piña Colada, the Dark ‘n Stormy, the Daiquiri and the Mai Tai, not to mention the simple Rum and Coke.

A person is pouring coca cola into a glass of rum, one of the best way to enjoy rum

You can also drink rum as you would a whiskey, with a splash of water or on the rocks to mellow the flavor out.

As for food pairing, here goes our rules of thumb :

  • White: seafood, chicken, fried or grilled meat.
  • Golden: chicken jerky, deep fried fish, barbecued ribs.
  • Dark: beef, burger, dessert.

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