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7 Ways to Drink & Enjoy Champagne Like an Expert

You may not be a stranger to the world of wine and champagne. You may also be very familiar with how to buy champagne online from different stores. But, are you drinking champagne correctly? Worry not, here is everything you need to know so you can drink & enjoy champagne like a true expert!

Common Mistakes When Preparing Champagne


First thing first, you will have to get your hands on some good quality champagne. But before you go  buy champagne online, here are a few common mistakes to avoid: 

  • Paying Too Much

Champagne is a prestigious French drink, so you’d think that it’s normal to spend a ton for this drink. But when you buy champagne online at LuxoFood, you can get both quality and price with a perfect balance. With so many brands to choose from, plus discounts, our champagne selections start at incredibly budget-friendly to a more upscale price range. 

  • Storing it incorrectly

In order to taste its best, champagne must be stored in a cool, dark place where it is protected from sunlight and disturbance. The bottles should be stored horizontally so that the liquid inside stays in contact with the cork.

  • Serving Too Cold

The ideal temperature for Champagne is around 10 Celcius. Avoid placing it in an ice bucket although you can of course still store your bottle in the fridge. The trick is to let the champagne sit sit for about 15 minutes before you drink it. 

  • Taking It Too Seriously

Forget all about being a wine expert for a minute. Just relax and find some time to browse carefully before you buy champagne online. Then, enjoy it with the best company. Afterall, the best wine is the one you enjoy with your loved ones. 

7 Ways to Drink & Enjoy Champagne Like an Expert


1. Prepare the essentials

Other than the bottle itself, prepare a small towel to open it and the glass. To open the bottle, remove the wire cage on top of the cork, then put the towel over the top to gently work out the cork at about a 45 degree angle. The idea is to let the towel catch the cork while it’s being pushed out quietly, instead of letting it pop open loudly. 

2. Pour it correctly

You may not think it when you buy champagne online, but pouring champagne itself is a whole set of art. Champagne Bureau UK’s director, Francoise Peretti recommends keeping the flow slow and steady while holding the bottle at approximately a 45 degree angle. It’s best to keep the bubbles to collect around the sides and settle before you finish pouring. Depending on how bubbly it is and the size of the glass, it can be very useful to pour the champagne in several steps. 

3. Hold the steam 

So you’re ready to enjoy your drink, while chatting the night away. While you’re doing this, remember to hold the glass by the steam and not by the bow. The touch of your hands may warm the champagne up too quickly. 

4. Care for the open bottle

In between pours, use a good champagne stopper to preserve all the delicious bubbles. If you don’t own a proper stopper, use a plastic wrap or recork it. Although it’s recommended to finish the whole bottle in one sitting, a champagne stopper can keep it fresh for about another day. 

5. Savoring every sip

With champagne, you want to fully enjoy the experience rather than give it a quick taste. Before taking any sip, inhale the aroma and sip it the way you like it. Slowly feel the bubbles on your lips and swish it around in your mouth before swallowing. Continue sipping any way you like – but try not to drink too fast which can also make you drunk faster. 

6. Pair it with the right food


Have your dinner when enjoying a bottle of champagne or use it as a part of your appetizer. Keep in mind that champagne pairs well with foods like steak, meat, smoked fish, grilled vegetables and pasta. It is also versatile enough to pair with fruits such as strawberry, cheese or other sweet dish. 

7. Keep trying different things

So you’ve tried to buy champagne online, correctly prepared it, and even knew how to enjoy it like a pro. Our next tip is to keep on finding more and more perfect champagne at Luxofood. Explore the brands and expose yourself to the different varieties. Just know that practice makes perfect, so start it today!

Where to buy champagne online? We got you covered! Buy champagne Jakarta or buy alcohol drinks at Luxofood for your best satisfaction 24/7.

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