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The Only Basic Jam Recipe You Need to Save

Some people cannot live without jams and we totally understand the obsession to buy jam online. A jar of jam is very versatile, from spreading it on bread for breakfast, adding it as baking ingredients, as topping to creamy desserts or a bowl of yogurt. All in all, the decision to buy jam online is not without reasons, especially if your kids love them for daily use. 

To Buy Jam or To Make Your Own? 

For anyone growing up in big cities, we all know too well the various brands of jam available in the supermarkets. We buy jam in a standard glass container, bring it home and use it with little care to the ingredients or quality. 

The only basic jam recipe you need to save

But as more and more jam options are available to us especially to people who buy jam online, it’s wise to prioritize quality for something that you and your children consume often. In fact, many go to great length to make their own jam to ensure that they’re enjoying good quality and organic jam for daily use. 

As true believers of quality food, we agree that making your own jam is the perfect solution in enjoying it worry-free. Alternatively, we think it’s also highly convenient to buy jam online by selecting only trusted sources such as Luxofood

At our store, we offer honey, jam and spread that prioritize real ingredients and natural or handmade productions. These are jams that are made with care and use little to no preservatives, meaning that the basic ingredients are entirely real fruits and sugar before packed into jars with secure lids.  

From peach, to pineapple, blackberry and more, we have all the recommended products when you want to buy jam online and nothing else. Click here to shop or proceed below to make your own jam!

Understanding The Basics of Jam 

The foundation of a good homemade jam consists of 3 things : fruit, sugar and pectin. Now of all three things, we’re sure that the last ingredient aka pectin is the one that is the least familiar to you. 

The only basic jam recipe you need to save

Pectin is a type of starch that naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables which gives them structure. When it is combined with sugar and acid, pectin helps turn the texture into a semi-solid state that holds the jam together. Think of it as a gelling agent or thickener. 

Ideally, you’ll want to start with fruits that are high in pectin such as citrus, berries or pome fruit such as apples and pears. Next, add enough sugar so that the pectin can firm up well. You may also use natural pectin alternatives such as : the white part of citrus peel, cornstarch, gelatin or extra sugar. 

When you have all the basic ingredients together, be sure to prepare your cooking utensils such as saucepan, clean jam jars and spatula.  

The Only Basic Jam Recipe You Need

Now that you’ve understood the basics of jam, it’s time to move on to the actual jam recipe. 


  • 1.5 kgs of fruit ( cut into small chunks and seeds removed)
  • 0.75 kgs granulated white sugar
  • 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • A pinch of salt

How to cook :

  • Stir together fruit, sugar and salt in a large saucepan. 
  • Bring to a boil and keep stirring until all is dissolved. 
  • Continue to mash fruit, add lemon juice while boiling and stir frequently until bubbles slow. 
  • Once the mixture clings to a spoon but has mostly clumped up, this is a good sign that the jam is ready. 
  • Skim foam from top while reducing the heat. 
  • When it has completely reached a blob texture and is no longer liquidy, turn off the heat. 

Once the jam is cooled, store it in clean jars. Proper canning and storage can extend the shelf life considerably or for up to a year. 

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The only basic jam recipe you need to save

It’s always a good idea to cook your own jam with high season fruits or those that are easily available to you. But if you’d like to enjoy a good variety of jams from strawberry mint to four fruits or strawberry banana, there’s only one place to go. Shop your favorite and rare jams today at Luxofood!

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