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5 Online Grocery Stores For The Ultimate Shopping Convenience

The verdict is in! Online grocery is here to stay as evident by its rising popularity since the pandemic. Driven by the need for distance shopping and social restrictions, the growth of online shopping grocery is expected to hit all-time high from year to year. 

As demand for groceries and food items continue to increase, so does the need for online grocery that offers the best shopping experience. Customers want the ultimate experience, not just price-wise or wide range of options, but also convenience with payment and delivery. Well, your search is over as we round up 5 online shopping grocery stores that know what they’re doing for you:

1. Grab Mart & Go Mart
5 online grocery stores for the ultimate shopping convenience

One of the newest additions from two highly-popular delivery services in Indonesia, the online Mart both in Grab or Gojek is something you can enjoy at the comfort of your mobile phone. Both brands offer shopping service by working together with stores or vendors who provide fresh items and daily essentials. It’s not much different than their existing main service which is food delivery, so customers will have to seek a particular seller for specific items but can enjoy payment convenience and delivery as always. 

2. Hypermart

Many giant brands switch from in-store to online grocery store, including Hypermart which is now available through the website. With large networks available in different cities, you can get complete access to all their items as displayed at the actual store. With an easy “ add to cart” system, Hypermart offers Express Delivery and Next Day delivery. 

3. AlfaCart & Klik Indomaret

5 online grocery stores for the ultimate shopping convenience

Another big name in the online grocery scene is AlfaCart, followed by a similar service by KlikIndomaret. The two options with nearby locations in all major cities work with logistic partners to deliver your grocery items. Both offer free shipping with minimum purchase of IDR 100.000, secure e-payment and a one-stop shop experience that you can enjoy anytime. 

4. HappyFresh

HappyFresh links you to online grocery stores available near you for simplified shopping. Using personal shoppers, this brand will help you purchase and deliver your items within an hour. Working together with supermarkets such as Ranch Market, Grand Lucky, Loka, All-Fresh and Superindo, customers can simply find each provider then start buying any grocery items. Through their service, HappyFresh aims to give consumers a complete and personal shopping experience with delivery and payment options. 

5. Luxofood

Not your regular online grocery store, Luxofood is a premium e-grocery shopping for your one-stop solution. With us, you can find daily staples from fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and more – all fresh and carefully sourced for your satisfaction. More importantly, Luxofood is also your most trusted source for rare items or imported goods, including beverages, premium meat, pasta, snacks, herbs and more. 

5 online grocery stores for the ultimate shopping convenience

As its own platform, Luxofood works together with artisanal food providers such as renowned local chefs, bakeries, natural brands, desserts and more. This is how we’ve been able to satisfy the demands for specific needs such as high quality fine food, vegan menu, delicatessen, ready-to-eat meals, etc. Luxofood also has the largest collection of wine online where you can enjoy finding many brands of wine, champagne and also other alcohol items, such as craft beer. 

Switch To Safer & More Convenient Shopping Today!

5 online grocery stores for the ultimate shopping convenience

When it comes to convenience, Luxofood is proud to offer many types of payment by working with popular providers. Enjoy bank transfers, online payment, and our own e-wallet for more options. As for delivery, get express delivery for selected items from orders received before 4 pm. 

Working together with logistic partners Gojek and Grab, we also offer split shipment for two-times delivery on separate dates. This is highly ideal when you want to complete one checkout for items that you’ll be using for different occasions. Keep your items fresh, schedule on-track and results satisfactory – only at Luxofood

Luxofood is available in Jakarta, Jabodetabek, Bandung, Bali and more. Shop today!

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