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5 Food Trends During Covid-19 Pandemic

Like it or not, the Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the many ways of human’s life, including the food trends. The news reported a shift in the trajectory of food trends that’s been predicted before, for example the halt of meat alternatives or low alcohol beverages due to the change in purchasing behaviors.

All bets are off and food trends may continue to change for many months to come. For now though, there have been a few food trends that have been garnering attention globally. If you intend to join the hype, do note that there are some cons and pros to your health. Read up to learn more!

1. Dalgona

Dalgona trend has been sweeping the social media mercilessly. Dalgona coffee, which originated in South Korea, only requires three simple ingredients. By vigorously mixing instant coffee, sugar and hot water altogether, you’ll be soon serving a frothy and fluffy coffee that tastes sweet like the name suggests. Dalgona also means “honeycomb toffee”, Koreans’ favorite street candy which offers a taste of childhood. Whether it’s a fad or not, it’s worth a try especially when you have plenty of time to kill.

2. Ice Cream

Dairy is a winning combination of health attributes and also comfort. That is probably why There have been a few food trends that have been garnering attention globally. If you intend to join the hype. Read up to learn more!every freezer should house one or two flavors of your favorite ice cream, pandemic or not. In general, ice cream can be quite beneficial as it offers a great source of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, and other nutrients depending on the ingredients. For example : Vanilla beans have antioxidants while dark chocolate is also good for cardiovascular health.

Still, ice cream may also be filled with sugar that may interfere with dental health among others. Children and adults should always consume ice cream moderately or switch to a low-sugar or sugar-free version, such as yoghurt or homemade sorbet.

3. Pasta

Pandemic means more cooking at home, and guess what’s the preferred alternative to carbohydrates? Yeap, it’s pasta! Along with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, pasta shelves have been wiped clean mostly because it’s a basic ingredient to delicious meals that is also convenient and long lasting.

Types of pasta
There have been a few food trends that have been garnering attention globally. If you intend to join the hype. Read up to learn more!

While it’s not recommended to panic-buy, it’s a good idea to have some in your pantry. Pasta can be a great source of fiber, copper and other nutrients – especially if you are buying the whole-grain type. Refined pasta, which is the common type of pasta in the market, can also be packed in iron and vitamin B. However, pasta may also be high in carbs which may lead to diabetes or obesity. Keep it moderate, supplement it with a side of protein, and you can enjoy your pasta worry-free.

4. Alcohol

When times are difficult, consumers drink. Overall, alcohol consumption is expected to rise — and the balance of which type of alcohol is consumed will shift between categories. The consumption of beer, wine and hard liquor is often linked to stress, so this is probably one trend that you might want to stay away from.

However, if you love to enjoy fine beverages that also have healthy benefits, many believe that a glass of red wine can be a valuable part of a healthy diet. Drinking moderate amounts of good quality red wine that is high in antioxidants can be a wiser alternative to calm your nerves. Keep it to 1- 2 small glasses per day.

5. Processed Foods

Unfortunately, processed foods are making a comeback during the pandemic while organic fruits and vegetables trend is slowing down. Canned foods like beans or frozen pizzas and boxes of cereal are making sales nowadays which is understandable since people prefer to go with items with longer shelf-life.

Still, we recommend to strive for a balanced diet for the best of your health – which is highly important in the time of infection-fighting and keeping your immunity at its best form. Try to include fruits, vegetables, and all range of food groups in your meals.


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