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Understanding Types of Milk : Your Guide to Dairy Shopping

Animal or plant based? Full fat, low fat or skimmed? What about those different terms displayed on the carton box? Well, dairy shopping can get more and more confusing as time goes- but not if you have a basic understanding of how these types of milk work. 

Understanding types of milk : your guide to dairy shopping

Our simple guide is ready to show you all the milk-101 you didn’t know you need.

Types of Milk Based on Fat Content

Understanding types of milk : your guide to dairy shopping

Before milk is bottled, all of the fat is removed, then re-added in different percentages. None of these milks are watered down, so while the fat content varies, all essential nutrients are retained. While the fat may vary, the protein stays at 8 gram and 30% calcium. Here are the types to remember:

  • Whole Milk (3.25% milk fat)
  • Reduced- Fat Milk ( 2%)
  • Low Fat Milk (1%)
  • Skim Milk ( 0% or Fat Free)

Types of Milk Based on Processing 

  • Fresh/ Raw Milk : This type is as fresh as it gets, with no added content and acid value intact, guaranteeing its delicious taste in each drop. 
  • Pasteurized : Involves a 15-second heating process at 72 degree celsius to kill existing microorganism before then packaged as ready products that may last up to 2 weeks.
  • UHT ( Ultra High Temperature) : Heated at 135-145 degree celsius for just 5 seconds to ensure its hygiene, thus the nutrients are preserved as well as the taste, color & aroma. 
  • Homogenised Milk : After pasteurized, the size of fat is further processed until it’s decreased. As such, the texture is creamier & the color is whiter, but also lighter in taste.

Understanding types of milk : your guide to dairy shopping

  • Powder Milk : Comes from raw milk that’s been specially dried till the water content is at 9%. Normally, powder milk is enriched to ensure its quality. 
  • Evaporated :  By evaporating more than half the water with vacuum, you’ll get the thicker form end results. The color is typically caramel-like but may contain no added sugar.
  • Condensed : Almost similar with Evaporated, Condensed milk may be added with 15% sugar thus the popular sweet taste that works well in drinks or recipes.
  • Fermented: Added with special bacteria to break down milk proteins and lactose. This type of milk is digestion-friendly and can be helpful as a lactose-free alternative.
  • Flavored: This type of milk can first be made using pasteurized or UHT before being added with sugar, flavorings and sometimes food coloring or other natural ingredients, such as cocoa or green tea powder.

Types of Milk Based on Source

  • Animal : Derived from farm animals, such as : cows, goats, sheeps, etc. 
  • Organic : Produced from cows not treated with antibiotics and organically maintained.
  • Plant- Based : Almond, oatmeal, soya, peanut, coconut etc.

So there is your simple guide to understanding milk for your shopping guidance. No matter what your preference is, don’t forget to shop with trusted grocer like us at Luxofood!

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