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The Art of Grilling with LuxoFood

You don’t need to guess the answer to this question “ What is the oldest cooking method in the world?”. Because most of us would immediately know that grilling or barbecue is the answer. The art of grilling has been existing in the world since the stone age!

This cooking method is so closely linked to food preparation, all thanks to the easy set-up and delicious results. Needless to say, we at LuxoFood live for all the good sear & savor moments. Who can say no to that perfectly charred meat with slightly burnt out taste and good sauce? Certainly not us!

Read on as we share more about the art of grilling with LuxoFood!

4 Health Benefits of Grilling

Compared to oven-cooking, grilling has several advantages for your health that you probably haven’t known about :

  • Less Fat

Grilling allows the fat excess to cook off and drip off, whereas cooking on a flat surface, for example on a pan, does not allow the fat to drip or fall off elsewhere. As a result, you eat less fat, healthier meat!

  • Retains Nutrients

Grilled vegetables retain more of their natural vitamins and nutrients as they have a low water content. Grilling has a way to preserve the vegetables nutritional values compared to boiling or frying. Same concept applies with meat. The riboflavin and thiamine nutrients are preserved, allowing you to enjoy the healthy benefits.

  • Fewer Calories

A good griller usually will use less butter or oil in grilling compared to other cooking methods. This reduces calories as meat cooks in its own fat and still turns out tender without much oil.

  • Outdoor Benefits

Grilling or barbecue is often associated with outdoor activities, which encourages a more active and healthier lifestyle- an added bonus with your delicious meal.

A Good Barbecue Tips Start Here

The photo that shows how amazing the art of grilling can be

Now that you’ve known the health benefits of grilling or barbecue, don’t just stop there. It’s time to learn more on better grilling tips that you can easily do in your backyard, outdoor space or other places in your spare time :

  • Vary Your Meat

Put a different varieties on your meat option, from pork, beef, lamb to fish. All meat works great for grilling, including sausages ! And if you are a health-conscious person, get leaner meat for a healthier meal.

  • Grill Your Veggies

Get some greens on your plate and do it the BBQ way. Spinach, corn, peppers and even mushrooms are some of our favorites that work splendidly as a side dish at any time.

  • Skip Your Charcoal

Opt for gas or electric grill, instead of the conventional charcoal method if you can. It’s much cleaner with less smoke.

  • Don’t Overgrill

It’s always recommended not to overgrill your food for the worry of carcinogen or a cancer-inducing factor. Meats cooked at high temperature for a long time tend to form more Heterocyclic Amines which could be damaging to your health.

  • Healthy Trusted Ingredients

The sky’s the limit when it comes to grilling foods, but always choose healthy and trusted ingredients from LuxoFood. Expand your recipes from grilling our whole-wheat dough, selecting from our fine sauces as marinade or condiments, using pure butter for better aroma and taste, and getting all the best food ingredients too.

2-3 portions of beef brisket bbq sauce by chef arie, the beautiful art of grilling

Beef Brisket BBQ sauce (2-3 portions) by Chef Arie


2-3 portions of short ribs in balado sauce by chef arie

Short ribs in Balado Sauce (2-3 portions) by Chef Arie

Smoked pork baby back ribs in honey & jalapeño bbq sauce

Smoked Pork Baby back Ribs in Honey & jalapeño BBQ sauce (500g) Frozen


Whatever your grilling needs may be, get it today only at LuxoFood! We will help you to master the art of grilling!

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