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Width=As a family to lobster, crayfish or crawfish is differentiated by its freshwater habitat. Compared to lobster, they are smaller in size but has a delicious and mild taste, making it a much-loved creature as food in many parts of the world. Still, crayfish is not considered a high delicacy than lobster, while crayfish is typically thought of as used in home-cooking.

Crayfish As Food

Crayfish are eaten all over the world. Like other edible crustaceans, only a small portion of the body of a crayfish is edible. In most prepared dishes, such as soups and bisques , where only the tail portion is served. At crawfish boils or other meals where the entire body of the crayfish is presented, other portions, such as the claw meat, may be eaten.

There are many types of crayfish which are caught either for aquarium purpose or consumption. Several common types for consumption are as below :

  • Red Claw : Noted by its red claw, particularly the males. Popularly used as food.
  • Yabbies : They have more meat than many other crayfish, dominantly in the tail area ( 15-20% of the body weight).
  • Maroon : Normally has a dark blue or purple color. It is the largest freshwater crayfish in Western Australia – and the third largest in the world


Cooking Crayfish

Crayfish can be a great ingredient to work with. Before cooking it, it helps to understand the part of crayfish that can be eaten.


The majority of the Cray’s meat is found in the tail and in the two front claws. Smaller amounts of meat can also be found in the legs, antenna and in some parts of the body. As for the parts which cannot be eaten are the shell, the sac behind the eyes, the black vein running through the tail and the green tomalley, although some do like this part and claim it as the best part.


Ways to Cook Cray

Some of the most popular ways to cook Crayfish are:

  • Steamed
  • Boiling
  • Blanching
  • Pan fried
  • Grilled or Barbecued
  • In a Wok


Crayfish Cooking Tips.

A few extra tips to remember when cooking crayfish :

  • While it’s preferred to cook live crayfish, you may also opt for frozen tail parts of the crayfish. This is generally well-preserved and the best part.
  • Crayfish is considered done when the outer shell is bright red and met is white (not opaque).
  • Do not overcook crayfish, smaller crayfish take only about 10 minutes to cook. So adjust your cooking time based on the size of crayfish accordingly ( the bigger, the longer).
  • Crayfish also will continue to cook after you take them out of the pot. To stop the heat, place crayfish in a bowl of ice before cracking.
  • Put in a little bit of salt when boiling crayfish. When steaming, make sure you have enough water in the pot so it doesn’t boil away.
  • Crayfish works well with butter and a little bit of lemon juice. You may also pair it pasta and any sauce.


So, there you have it! All the best details, tips and guidance on how to work with crayfish in the kitchen. Need more cooking ideas? Start with fresh quality ingredients at LuxoFood.


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