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Choosing The Best Place to Buy Seafood Online

Knowing the best place to buy seafood online can save you not only a lot of time, but keep you on track with budget too. For the longest time now, we’ve been encouraging people to buy fish online to enjoy the many healthy and efficient benefits. If you’re new to the idea, do not worry cause we’re here to tell you all about how to buy seafood online in the best possible way!


What To Look For When You Buy Seafood Online

  • Quality 

Finding a trusted and quality online shop can be hard when you buy seafood online. To start, you can ask for recommendations from friends or family, or search around for options through different social media platforms. Reliable and reputable sellers will prioritize freshness of your products, which is an important thing for fish and seafood.


  • Variety

When you buy fish online, you’ll likely see that there are sellers who specialize in different categories of seafood. There are those who offer daily local catch, then there’s Luxofood who is the expert for premium and special cuts for seafood such as tuna, salmon, dory and other imported fish, including shellfish, squid, octopus, crab meat and other rare finds. Packed and frozen for absolute convenience, enjoy a wide variety of options designed for your family enjoyment. 


As the frozen expert, we have maintained freshness for all our fish products. Proper handling is essential to stop the clock and freeze the freshness of fish. Nutritionally, frozen fish is equal to its freshly caught versions as long as it’s well- handled. 


  • Price

At Luxofood, we offer competitive prices so you can shop with confidence. As a one-stop shopping solution, there’s also promo or special discounts depending on certain periods or items. Be sure to check in daily so you can get the fresh dibs while putting your budget for maximum use! 

  • Flexible Delivery

You want your fish and seafood, along with other perishable items, arrive as fresh as possible. This is why motorbike delivery is most recommended when you buy fish online. With our different delivery methods at Luxofood, you can choose the one that works best for your area. Also, don’t forget we carry split shipment, which means you can check out at one time, while setting different shipping time for your items! 

  • Secure Payment

As with all online shopping, only work with websites offering secure payment. When you buy seafood online or anything at that matter, double check if the site looks professional and trusted enough before putting in your credentials.

Payment convenience is also key, which is why Luxofood works with different payment merchants for your total ease. Other than credit card payment, there are also secure online payments with popular platforms. 

  • Customer Support

When you’re dealing with fresh and frozen seafood, a great customer service experience is nearly as important as the product itself. That’s why we believe in personal care when you’re shopping online, even if it’s your daily food items! 

We love giving personal insights and shopping recommendations, so it’s not much different as you being there in person picking your fish and seafood by yourself when you buy fish online. Think of us as your shop assistant, always available with answers whenever you need it. We’re just one click away at WhatsApp, so be sure to contact us for your any needs.

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