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All About Vinegar – Different Types & How To Use

Never use much vinegar in your food? You’re definitely missing out. Not only can the acidic taste enhance your meals, but it also packs a lot of healthy benefits for your body. Dive into our article below to learn more!

All About Vinegar 

Vin aigre meaning

From the old French word vin aigre meaning “ sour wine”, vinegar is an acidic liquid produced through the fermentation of alcohol by acetic acid bacteria. There are several varieties of vinegar that differ in base ingredients, such as wine, cider, beer, sugar. Fruits and more.

The natural process of vinegar making contributes a lot to its nutritional value. It’s low in calorie, zero fat and has low amounts of carbs. Vinegar also has a very long shelf life, although some may form a sediment which is harmless. 

From these different sources, vinegar creates a unique and vibrant flavor – at the same time giving many healthy perks such as weight loss, heart health, and cholesterol. 

Types of Vinegar & How to Use

There are many types of vinegar, from the ones you use in your cooking to the type you use as a cleaning agent – which are generally two different things. Learn the most common types of vinegar and how to use them :

  • Distilled White

Characteristics : Versatile, intense, and sharp. 

Also known as white vinegar, it’s usually a combination of 5-10% acetic acid and the rest is water. In the kitchen, you can use it in ketchup, to boil eggs or with mashed potatoes. But generally, you will also use it mostly as an all-purpose cleaning agent, including as fabric softener to insect repellent. 

  • Wine ( Red & White)

Characteristics : Milder taste

Made from fermented red or white wine, the best use for this is as salad dressings, sauces and marinades. 

  • Balsamic

Characteristics : Dark, sweet and thick as it ages. 

One of the most popular types of vinegar, balsamic is a favorite to use for food and easily available in store. 

  • Cider

All about vinegar - different types & how to use

Characteristics : Slightly sweet, fruity flavor and quite acidic. 

With a wide variety of uses, this type of vinegar is most lauded for its healthy benefits. Made from fermented apple juice, regular use is known to aid digestion and improve gut health. It’s best used in the kitchen, whether in cooking or part of fresh ingredients. Some also recommend drinking it straight or mixing with mater as wellness tonic. 

  • Rice

Characteristics : Sweet, delicate and less acidic.

Made of fermented rice wine, the color may range from clear to brown or red. The best use for this type is in Asian recipes. 

  • Malt

Characteristics : lemony, nutty and caramel-like taste

Malt vinegar is made from malting barley, it’s best known as an ingredient in the traditional recipes for fish and chips. Many also use this for making pickles. 

  • Cleaning & Industrial Vinegar

When sold as non-food products, vinegar is not safe to be consumed. Cleaning vinegar has up to 6% acid content and can be used as a cleaning solution for households. There is also industrial vinegar with 20-30% acid which is dangerous to ingest as the purpose is for a variety of heavy duty tasks, for example strong cleaning agents or killing weeds.

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