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7 Food Trends in 2020 That Make Us Happy

New decade, new trends. In 2020, there are many predictions of food trends making headlines. A lot of them caught our attention, with some we wish will never come true and some we can definitely support. We have picked 7 food trends in 2020 that are making us excited, and we got a feeling you will too.

Women eating watermelon - food trend 2020

1. Environment Friendly

The way we eat has a huge impact on the environment. The year 2020 vows to bring in the continued healthy trends that definitely get our votes. We’re talking about cutting down on plastic cutleries, mindful sourcing of meats and plants, supporting your local and artisanal products rather than mass-produced food items. For more ideas of more environmentally friendly foods, check out Luxofood!

Food trend 2020

2. Fresh breads

Freshly baked loaves should never be a trend, it should be the norm! We’re taking cue from India and France, who are famous for their love of fresh bread, hot out of the oven, handmade and again, of artisanal quality. If possible, take a change from bulk-produced and heavily-processed breads, instead, take a look at our variety of bakery products – guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

Food trend 2020


3. Healthy Snacks

Swap your oily or sugary treats with something better. Make way for healthy snacks, such as chocolates and pralines, bars, nuts, seeds & dry fruits, and chips & crackers or biscuits that are made to delight while keeping you healthy. The emphasis will be on the quality, organic and fresh ingredients, preservatives-free, and responsible manufacturing techniques.

Food trend 2020

4. Beverages

The beverage industry will continue to impress, from mocktails, kombucha, low-alcohol drinks and more varieties coming. Milk alternatives will give us more to choose from as are coffee-based drinks. Another thing? Water is always in style, so do drink more of it!

Food trend 2020


5. Plant-Based Proteins

Alternative proteins are not a new trend, but we will see this trend develop as hybrids that feature both plant and animal proteins, and plant-based proteins such as combining chicken, seafood, sausage and deli meats with mushrooms or other vegetables. Consumer interest is now looking to cleaner labels, less processed products and ‘free-from’ options, such as products based on oat protein.

6. Vegan Comfort Food

Check out our vegan section, where you can find the next food trend of comforting, satisfying and delicious meals ready to delight. We got Gnocchi, lentils, sauces, quinoa and more, all promising a healthy balance on a plate that’s more than just garnish or side dish. More people will stress on the importance of vegetables going forward and with the rise of health problems, we can definitely see why!

Food trend 2020

7. Less Added Sugar

Expect to see natural sweeteners such as honey, dates, coconut and more because more and more people want out on the sugar rich content. Consumers expect to see cuts on sugar, while still delivering taste that feel wholesome to the tastebuds.

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