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Baijiu is a captivating spirit that holds a special place in Chinese culture and tradition. This distinctive liquor offers a unique and complex flavor profile, inviting you to explore the rich heritage of China’s national drink.

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Baijiu is a distilled spirit typically made from fermented sorghum or other grains. Its production process often involves aging the liquid in earthen pits or ceramic jars, allowing it to develop its signature aroma and taste. The result is a spirit with a bold and robust flavor, often described as having notes of fruit, spice, and even savory umami undertones.

Our baijiu selection showcases various styles and age expressions, each with its own unique character. From the light and fragrant Fenjiu style to the robust and earthy Sauceijiu, our offerings cater to a range of palates and preferences. We also feature premium and vintage baijius, which have been carefully aged for years or even decades, allowing the flavors to mellow and integrate into a harmonious and complex taste experience.

Baijiu has a long and storied history in China, with records of its production dating back thousands of years. It has played a significant role in Chinese culture, being served at important ceremonies, celebrations, and social gatherings. Enjoying baijiu is not just about the taste but also about embracing the traditions and rituals that surround this iconic spirit.

What sets our baijiu collection apart is our commitment to sourcing authentic and high-quality expressions from reputable distilleries in China. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that each bottle in our selection is a true representation of the art and craftsmanship that goes into producing this exceptional spirit.

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