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Dairy & Vegan

Satisfy dairy cravings or vegan preferences with our incredible selection.

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For dairy fans, we offer fresh milks like creamy whole, low-fat or non-fat varieties. Our premium milks come from small dairy farms committed to ethical and sustainable practices.

Yogurt lovers can indulge in incredible plain and flavored varieties. From rich, velvety Greek-style to lighter, fruitier options like strawberry or blueberry – we have incredible tastes and textures covered.

Those following vegan diets will rejoice over our delicious plant-based milk alternatives like nutty almond, creamy oat, or lush coconut and soy milks. Many are fortified with calcium and vitamins too.

Our vegan yogurt collection features tasty coconut milk-based varieties, both plain and flavored. Top them with granola and fresh fruit for a satisfying parfait.

Need a dairy-free creamer for your coffee or cooking cream replacement? We’ve got incredible nut-based barista blends.

Enjoy incredible flavors, nutrients and ethical sourcing whether you consume dairy or plant-based alternatives. We cover every dietary need and taste preference.

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