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Close your eyes and picture the delightful aroma of baking bread. It’s a teaser for the fabulous breads from our special bakery. We’ve scoured France and Italy for authentic, delicious breads.

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Take, for instance, the rustic sourdough bread, a favorite. Crafted with a sourdough starter aged for years, it boasts rich, complex flavors. The dough ferments slowly for up to a day, yielding that classic tang and chewiness. Whether it’s a country loaf or a baguette, they’re all designed to be scrumptious.

If you crave a crispy crust and fluffy interior, try our baguettes. These slender loaves, slashed and baked in a steamy oven, offer a satisfying crunch. Slice into a warm baguette to savor that freshly baked aroma.

For a richer treat, our brioche breads are velvety, slightly sweet, and buttery. Ideal for bread pudding or French toast, these French delights sport soft, golden crusts.

From Italy, we bring you focaccia breads adorned with rosemary, olives, and garlic. Hand-stretched and bathed in olive oil, these savory loaves offer a moist inside and crispy exterior.

Whichever bread you choose, rest assured it’s free of preservatives and artificial additives. Our bakers use simple, real ingredients like flour, salt, and yeast, along with time-honored techniques.

Say goodbye to bland store-bought bread and welcome true bread mastery.

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