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Understanding the Many Types of Lamb Cut – LuxoFood

Are you the type of cook who loves to buy meat online? Then you will understand the excitement when you have to buy lamb online. With different types of lamb cut available, this meat is as versatile as far as cuts go. Compared to other meat, lamb has a delicate and earthy taste that keeps on giving. 

Not only is it a rich source of high-quality protein, but it is also an outstanding source of many vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Because of this, regular consumption of lamb may promote muscle growth, maintenance, and performance. So it’s time to introduce this game-changing meat in your cooking and learn everything you need to know to  buy lamb online.

Understanding The Many Types of Lamb Cut

Knowing the right cuts for your recipe is a step to cooking for success. Whether you  buy lamb online or buy meat online, the cut helps identify the best type of cooking. Some cuts pack more meat while others may have other advantages. You can also chat with customer service to understand your ingredients better! 

Understanding the many types of lamb cut


Rich in connective tissue from all the hard work, the shoulder cut tends to be tough and not as tender. However, it is one of the most flavorful parts that is great for stewing and slow roasting. When done correctly, the final result can be juicy and soft enough to fall off the bones effortlessly. Be sure to use low heat and work with your marinade, utilizing herbs, olive oil and deep massage into the meat.


When you buy lamb online and expect the most premium part, then go for Chop/Rack parts. Incredibly delicious and tender, this rack of lamb is usually more expensive compared to other parts. But it also comes with a lot of cooking advantages since it’s meaty, perfect for sharing and tastes amazing. Best served medium rare either by grilling or roasting. 


Slightly leaner than rib cuts, loin chop does not come with rib bone which can be easier for you to work with. When you  buy lamb online, particularly this part, prepare recipes that call for grilling, broiling or sauteeing techniques. This lamb cut is best enjoyed cooked rare to medium-rare. 


Rump cut or the back of the lamb is lean, tender and full of flavour. The key to working with this part is avoid overlooking it as it will become tough if left to dry out. Try the pan-fried method then finish in the oven for a few minutes to achieve a well-cooked outer layer with a soft juicy center. Lamb rump can also be cut into chops on the bone then grilled or pan-fried.

5. LEG

Almost similar to the shoulder cut, the legs of a lamb have a good strong flavor although tend to be on the lean side. The size can be generous too so it’s perfect to be enjoyed with your family or in large settings. You can try roasting or barbecue technique, as long as not to overcook the meat. Be sure to work it with herbs, oil, garlic and other marinade to bring out the flavor. All in all, definitely a great contender when you buy lamb online.


Taken from the lower section of the lamb’s leg, leg shank is a simple and cheaper cut that goes a long way. It is rich in collagen, resulting in a soft and melting texture when cooked slowly such as in stews or slow cookers. When you want to buy meat online and create something that’s comforting and nutritious for the entire family, this is the perfect choice to go! 


An underrated cut of the lamb, the neck is one of the cheapest and easily available. It is a tough cut that needs long and slow cooking, but it has a generous yield with tender results when done right. It can also be treated as steak if you need to quickly cook it. Flavorwise, it is full and delicious, especially in stew, curry or braised. 

Buy Lamb Online and Other Meat at Luxofood

As your trusted premium grocery and fine food marketplace in Indonesia, Luxofood is proud to be the supplier of premium quality lamb. All our meat is sourced carefully from Australian Lamb Company (ALC) which always deliver superior meat quality and consistency. 

ALC not only applies leading management practices but also upholds product standards with certified systems. All lamb meat is clean, green and fresh as a part of commitment and compliance to ensure quality. As such, we are able to offer absolute confidence when you buy lamb online.

Understanding the many types of lamb cut

At Luxofood, we also prioritize options for your different cooking needs. Expect to find many different types of lamb cut such as Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Rack, Boneless and more – all in comfortable weight from around 0.8-1.4 kgs. Additionally, you can also find chef products such as marinated lamb or prepared bbq lamb meat for your convenience, including wine to pair your meals with. 

Not just lamb, Luxofood also caters to all your shopping needs, from fresh produce, imported goods, fish, dairy, meat and more. Be sure to buy meat online and all your food lists from us to get the most satisfying and convenient experience. Check out recipes, promos and more by following our Instagram too!

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