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Today Pastries for Breakfast and Pastries for High Tea!

The many types of pastry that are available at luxofood

There’s no love like the love for all types of pastry. At LuxoFood, our passion for pastries is reflected in how we team up with Levant Boulangerie in making quality pastries more accessible to all our members.

Not only do we have express delivery to send out your fresh-baked goodness in time, but we also have quite an extensive range of original pastries with authentic flavors, delicate textures, heavenly tastes and more. We’re talking about only the finest and freshest ingredients, with skilled pastry chefs and great recipes involved.

To understand more about pastries, let’s dive into the basics of pastry and how LuxoFood can be your gateway to making your own perfect pastry!

Understanding The Pastry World

The word “ pastry” refers to baked items which are made using flour dough, water, and shortening/ butter. Pastry does not come only in sweetened taste, but also savory as well. When there is more than one pastry, we refer to them as “pastries”.

Ingredients and tools to make all types of pastry

At its most basic, pastry consists of 2 parts flour and 1 part fat/butter – but truly, it’s almost never as simple as it sounds. To really make a quality pastry dough, you will need :

  • Quality Flour : The choice of basic ingredients is vital to the type of quality pastry.
  • The Right Temperature : It is said that cold kitchens make better pastry, which explains why some of the best pastry chefs prefer to use marble table to work with their dough.
  • The Best Butter : Butter make for all the cost in pastries, but it is also the KEY ingredients in making the best pastry. How do you know that you’re getting good pastry? Simple, if the pastry chefs use only the best butter in its making, like ours do!
  • High Technique : From water portion, understanding sugar, kneading the dough, tender texture, pastry baking, to proper timing, pastry is all about practice makes perfect.

Characteristics & Types of Pastry

A good pastry means excellence in both criterias, the interior and exterior part. When eaten, it’s flaky, tender and light at the same time. As for the color, pastry should look golden brown with slightly darker edges. Last but not least, it’s aromatic and savory sweet in your tastebuds. You’d know when you have just eaten one good pastry!

The photo of croissant pure butter, one of the many types of pastry



There are many types of pastry that you can devour too. Here we listed 10 of the most popular types of pastry of everyone’s favorite :

  1. Croissants : A type of puff pastry from France, it is usually rich and flaky in rolled crescent shape.
  2. Pies : This baked dish can work with sweet ( fruits) or savory ( meat or vegetable). It is typically made of pastry-dough crust.
  3. Danishes : A sweet popular treat from Denmark with yummy fillings. When baked correctly, they are fluffy and crispy on the outside and buttery on the inside.
  4. Macarons : A sweet French meringue-based confection that is round and bite-sized in a variety of delicious colors.
  5. Eclairs : A hollow pastry filled with custard of chocolate-flavoured cream. It is also a staple at any gourmet bakery or French patisserie.
  6. Brioche: A pastry of French origin, this is similar to bread but is higher in egg and butter content giving it a rich and tender crumb consistency.
  7. Cannoli : Originated from Italy, this tube-like shell of fried pastry dough is filled with creamy, sweet filling made with cheese.
  8. Pretzels : You’ll recognize the unique knotted shape, pretzels are made with bake dough in both soft and hard varieties.
  9. Tarts : Who doesn’t love tarts? This baked dish usually comes with filling over a pastry base with many choices on its open top.
  10. Pain Au Chocolat : A chocolate bread in cuboid shape that is puffy like a croissant.

The photo of pain au chocolat, one of the many types of pastry



The photo of cannele large, one of the many types of pastry



Ready to enjoy the world of pastry just like the French did? With loads of good butter, processed with integrity, and only from the hands of the best pastry chefs? Check out our pastry collection and also the mouthwatering cakes & pies today at Luxofood. We promise, you’ll turn into a pastry addict just by looking at them!

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