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TOP 5 wrong ideas about working out

The rule is simple : You work out, you’ll see healthy results. The intention of sports is always about fitness and improvement on your overall body systems. Still, there are many misconceptions about working out that people are still holding onto. Whatever your choice of exercising is, there’s bound to be one or two wrong ideas that you can’t quite get clear. Check out the top 5 wrong ideas about working out below :

Top 5 wrong ideas about working out

1. Lifting Weight Is For Men

It’s common to see women shying away from weight training, simply because they worry about ending up looking like Hulk on the loose, among other reasons. This common misconception has many layers of explanations.

First : Both men and women can benefit from a strong foundation gained from strength training. It can improve bone density and lessen the risk of osteoporosis when women hit menopause. Second : Women do not produce enough testosterone for enlargement to occur. And last but not least, it actually takes years and a very rigorous amount of training to see bulk results.

2. Cardio is Best

Cardio is a popular type of workout and is often preferred due to its easy accessibility such as running. Through different studies, many scientists found out that typically a cardio workout burns more calories than a weight training workout of the same duration. However, weight training has the benefit of metabolism improvement over time. It is also more effective than cardio at increasing the number of calories you burn after a workout.

Our verdict? Do a combination of both for the best result.

3. You Can Out- Exercise a Bad Diet.

It doesn’t matter how much you exercise if you put garbage food into your body. In fact, it is likely that people who have a poor diet will overestimate how many calories they are burning and will eat more food than before. That’s why diet is also an important consideration in fitness- if not the most important.

4. A Few Workout Session Is All You Need

Unfortunately, you are unlikely to see results you want with just one or two days of exercise per week. For real results, the ideal number of workouts should be around 3-5 times a week. Aim to have a focused workout albeit small, rather than a rare but long one. Do note that you should not overtrain as well. So get a couple of rest days each week to give your body time to heal.

5. Morning Is the Only Time For Exercise

There’s no hard and fast rule on the best time to workout as long as it’s a quality session you’re getting. For some people, going to the gym after work fits better in their routines while others find mornings are better in terms of schedule. Just keep your workout away from bedtime as it might mess with your sleep patterns. Other than that, each session counts regardless of the timing.

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