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Two lambs in grass fieldIn addition to providing excellent imported beef, you can also find premium quality lamb meat that is specially sourced for you at LuxoFood. Lamb is a wonderful ingredient to work with that is rich with high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals. It’s delicious in taste and texture, making it a favorite for many families.

Without further due, let’s check out the premium quality lamb meat variety you can find at LuxoFood :

  1. Saltbush LiveStock

Origin : Australia

The logo of saltbush lamb, one of the premium quality lamb meat that is available at luxofood jakarta100% genuine and natural product, Saltbush lambs are raised grazing on the unique Saltbush pastures of the Australian outback.

Using free range or non-feed method, Saltbush lambs are also free of hormones which makes for an excellent dining experience.


Under the brand Bultarra Organic Australian Saltbush Lamb, this superior lamb product is infused with an exceptionally fresh and clean taste. It has a robust and rich flavor while it is still delicate enough to carry other spice blends. Additionally, this particular product also has improved nutritional value which is rich in Vitamin E.


  1. Australian Lamb Co ( ALC)

Origin : Australia

The logo of australian lamb co. (alc), one of the premium quality lamb meat that is available at luxofood jakarta


Sourced from the finest lamb producing areas renowned for the fresh, green, and clean farming, ALC premium lamb is selected from dedicated farmers in quality lamb. As a supplier, their brand stands for free range, naturally fed and free from any artificial additives lamb products.

Characterized by its delicious, tender and mild tasting, ALC lamb is naturally lean and tender. It is also rich in naturally occurring nutrients and vitamin with a unique bundle of other essential goodness.






Learn about the characteristics of your favorite lamb cuts below, all available at LuxoFood

The many types of lamb meat cuts

  1. Shortloin
  • Prepared from the middle of the lamb’s loin.
  • One of the premium cuts of lamb
  • Lean, tasty and one of the most tender cuts.
  • Often cut into steak portions
  1. Tenderloin
  • Derived from the mid section, below the backbone.
  • Usually is a small cut with delicate texture.
  • One of the most tender of all lamb cuts
  • Ideal for roasting as whole or cut in dice/strips for various cooking styles.
  1. Shanks
  • Simple and easy to work with.
  • The more affordable cuts compared to other parts.
  • Taken from the lower part of back legs that contains a lot of collagen.
  • Perfect for slow-cooking or stew due to tender melting texture.
  1. Shoulders
  • Full of flavors.
  • Hard from muscle movement, may take a while to tenderize.
  • Good for stewing and slow roasting. Best with spices.
  • Recommended to be cooked with bone for maximizing flavors.
  1. Racks
  • The most valuable part of the lamb, making it also the most expensive cut.
  • Incredibly delicious and tender.
  • Perfect for grill, barbecue, roasted and most styles.
  • Generous portion, good for sharing.
  1. Rib Chops
  • Cut from the rib cage area.
  • Sweet, tender and incredibly rich in flavor.
  • Best for barbecue, grilling, or braising style.
  • A great Halal substitute for the popular baby back pork ribs.

Need more help with your lamb products? Don’t hesitate to contact LuxoFood for your most satisfying quality food experience!

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