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The delicious beef and meat available at luxofood jakarta

As the house of imported and fine grade F&B products, we are a bit of an expert when it comes to sourcing, understanding, and recommending our clients with only the best quality of premium grade imported beef brands.

At LuxoFood, there are up to 5 ( five) brands of different imported beef brands with distinct characteristics and other details. One thing you need to know is that LuxoFood only goes with the top quality, so you can rely on us for satisfaction, price, and quality always.

Guide To Buying Imported Beef at LuxoFood

In this article, we are going to dissect everything about LuxoFood beef products based on different categories. Here goes :

Available Imported Beef Brands

  • Aspen Ridge Natural Angus Beef

Origin : USA

The logo of aspen ridge natural angus beef, one of the imported beef brands available at luxofood jakartaLabelled as a truly natural product, Aspen Ridge prides itself as the premium grade beef provider with naturally raised method. From the genetics of Aspen Ridge Natural Angus Beef, only the superior quality beef is harvested at their own facility, also with natural process, which means it’s free of supplemental hormones, growth promotants, antibiotics or other animal by-products.

Aspen Ridge Natural Angus Beef product is characterized by the remarkably tender and richness in flavor. With natural marbles, all its products have also received USDA quality grading which is one of the best indicators you can rely on for delicious eating experience.

  • Signature Beef

Origin : Australia

The logo of signature beef, one of the imported beef brands available at luxofood jakarta

The Angus of beef world, this brand is excellence that has spanned for decades of four generations. Strong in tradition and big with innovation, Signature Beef products are naturally bred and processed for consistent and authentic flavors.

Under its flagship brand “Kimberly Red”, you can expect beef quality that fine in texture with unparalleled rich flavors.

  • Obe Organic

Origin : Australia

The logo of obe organic, one of the imported beef brands available at luxofood jakarta

As a certified organic beef company, Obe Organic is the first and only premium meat exporter 100% dedicated to the production organic beef. With no chemicals, no pollutants, no hormones, all cattles are grass-fed and naturally raised for the optimal health benefits.

Needless to say, Obe Organic offers an organically-infused natural flavors into every cut of its meat. With amazing taste and all healthy properties, Obe Organic is a safe choice you can count on.

  • Kilcoy Beef

Origin : Australia

The logo of kilcoy pastoral company, one of the imported beef brands available at luxofood jakarta

Specialized beef company with grain-fed method, Kilcoy Beef uses different types of grains, from Australian wheat, barley, to sorghum grains as cattle food in their feeding process. Absolutely free from any hormone or growth promotants, it’s 100% natural and organic.

As a result, you can expect exceptional flavors, tenderness and high marbling with any Kilcoy beef products.

  • Stockyard

Origin : Australia

The logo of stockyard premium australia beef, one of the imported beef brands available at luxofood jakarta

Also using grain-fed method, particularly in high quality Angus and Wagyu, Stockyard beef is internationally known for using non GMO feedstuffs or hormone growth promotants. All three types of their products also stick to hundreds-day grain feeding for the best results.

A combination of silky flavors, tenderness, and juiciness is a part of your eating experience when you prepare a fine piece of beef from Stockyard.

Available Cut

Diagram of beef cuts

Learn about the characteristics of your favorite beef cuts below, all available at LuxoFood :

1. Ribeye

  • Cut from the beef rib
  • Highly versatile with any type of menu/cooking, without losing tenderness.
  • One of the most tender beef cuts.
  • Fine-grained and full flavored with generous marbling.

2. Tenderloin

  • Versatile in portion sizes, menu and preparation.
  • Cut from the beef loin/most tender muscle.
  • Fine, buttery texture.
  • Highly-valued cut and is a fan favorite.

3. Flank

  • Consist of tough muscle fibers with tougher consistency.
  • Relatively less popular, but also one of the cheapest part.
  • Good for grilling, braising or making ground beef.
  • Best served thinly sliced so it isn’t chewy.

4. Sirloin

  • Cut from the back of the cow, just past the loin,
  • Best cooked by grill, but can also be broiled, sauteed or pan-fried
  • Well flavored, moderately tender.
  • Juicy, delicious and also another of fan favorite.

5. Hanging Tender

  • Belongs in the same group as flank, but right below the diaphragm muscle.
  • Versatile for every cooking style and menu.
  • Robust, beefy and incredible flavor.
  • Has a good balance of meat and muscle, making it more tender than flank.

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