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The 5 Great Sakes Perfect for Beginners – LuxoFood

Sake, pronounced sah-kay, is the national beverage of Japan. Made of fermented rice with the same process as wine, this delicate drink has been enjoyed since the last few hundred years. Sake can be served cold or warm, with different grades that determine its level of quality. It’s mostly paired with sushi, but also works splendidly well with other types of food.

Sake, pronounced sah-kay, is the national beverage of japan. This article will recommend you the best sake for beginners

 As a naturally processed drink, sake also has many great health benefits, including reducing cancer risks, boosting the immune system and warding off allergies. Sake offers a mildly sweet and clean taste that’s savory and delicious. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to  buy sake online based on our 5 best recommendations below : 

1. Sesshu Otokoyama

Sesshu Otokoyama is brewed in Itami, the birthplace of sake. This particular sake is produced from carefully selected rice and water. The tasting notes are described as exquisite nose of lime blossom, almond, guava mochi, and almond skin. Dry and light on its feet with ample minerality and a smooth, enjoy creamy texture that shows honeydew melon and citrus before finishing long and mineral. Available in different sizes with alcohol content 14.5%. 

2. Matsuyuki Junmai

Matsuyuki Junmai Sake is made from rice, water, and koji yeast without further addition of alcohol. It has a full bodied-rich taste and a sweetness of rice. This sake is light and easy to drink, which makes for a good starter even for people who are not familiar with the beverage. Alcohol level 16%. 

3. Konishi Daiginjo Hiyashibori

This delicate sake is medium bodied, clean, sharp but not too acidic with light citrus notes on the nose. Best served cold, Konishi Daiginjo Hiyashibori has won the highest gold award at “Wine Glass Delicious Sake Award 2014”. Known as a winning sake, this brand has over 450 years of brewing history, making it a worthy choice when you want to buy sake online. Available in different sizes with alcohol level 15%. 

4. Namban Onigoroshi Imo 

While not exactly sake, we also carry another type of Japanese liquor namely Shochu. While sake is made of rice, shochu contains other diverse natural ingredients. One of the most popular types is imo made of sweet potato. 

Whenever you’re ready to go beyond sake when you buy alcohol online, Namban Onigoroshi Imo is a good choice to try. An authentic sweet potato shochu which has rich daintiness and refreshing aftertaste. You can enjoy the refreshing but still thick mild flavor of sweet potato. Made from Sweet Potato Rice koji.  Best served with ice cubes or mixed with hot water. Alcohol Content 25%

5. Matsuyuki Satobiki 

Another type of shochu to try when you buy alcohol online, Matsuyuki Satoukibi is made of sugar cane. This distilled Japanese liquor is made of sugar cane and has a light and sweet aroma, as well as mild and sweet taste. It goes along well with spicy food. The mild profile makes it a popular choice as a mixer for shochu cocktail drinks. Alcohol level: 25%

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