A Luxofood’s Guide To Wine : Red Wine


A classic drink with many health benefits, it’s hard not to fall in love with red wine!

Red wine’s diverse styles and structure make it the ideal choice for the dinner table. Red wine has a firmer structure than typical white and rosé wines supporting it when coming up against strong flavors, for example fuller-bodied red wines in general pair well with denser, heavier foods, while lighter bodied reds with high acidity pair well with lighter fare, like roasted chicken and vegetable dishes.

Matching the weight of the wine with the richness of the food leads to successful and harmonious pairings. But with hundreds of varieties of red wine grapes, keep in mind a few common types that stands out above the rest. Read on below for the common types of red wine to enjoy :

Common Types of Red Wine


Syrah or Shiraz ( Sear-ah)

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Synonymous with deep dark red, Syrah or Shiraz is considered to be one of the greatest black grape varieties for dark, full-bodied, and age- worthy wines. These excellent varieties are heavily planted in Rhone of France and Australia.

  • Taste: Intense fruit flavors and middleweight tannins. Identical to black fruits such plum and blackcurrant, blueberry, tobacco, meat, black pepper, violet.
  • Style : Full-bodied.
  • Food Pairing : Best with meat such as steak, beef, stews, lamb etc.

Merlot ( Mer- lo)

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Merlot is characterized by soft texture with a fruit-forward character. It is especially great for single varietal wine but works tremendously well in other numerous blends too. Merlot grapes are widely planted in Bordeaux.

  • Taste : Black-cherry and herbal flavors are typical.
  • Style : Smooth with easy tannins and soft texture.
  • Food Pairing : A versatile red wine that goes with mostly any dish or meal, especially pasta, lamb and red meat.

Zinfandel ( Zin – fan -dell)

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One of the most versatile wine grape, Zinfandel is characterized by its rich and heavy reds. It origins is Italy ( where it is called primivito_

  • Taste : Zesty, with berry and pepper
  • Style : Light-bodied, moderate tannin and high acidity.
  • Food Pairing : tomato-sauce pasta, pizza and grilled  meats.

Cabernet Sauvignon ( Ka-ber-nay So-vee-nyon)

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Another heavily planted red grapes in the Bordeaux region, it’s the most popular wine variety in the world and accepted as one of the world’s best varieties. Wine usually undergoes oak treatment and considered better when aged.

  • Taste : Black fruits such as black cherry and blackcurrant. Also notes of baking spices, bell pepper, and cedar or vanilla ( from oak).
  • Style : Full bodied, firm and gripping with bold tannins. Rich in currant qualities when aged.
  • Food Pairing : Red meat such as lamb, beef or smoked meats, French, American. Cheese and sausage are also recommended.

Malbec ( Mal Bek)

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Originated in the French Bordeaux Region, Malbec is made from grapes that are inky dark and robust.

  • Taste : Medium to full bodied, plenty of acidity and relatively high tannins and alcohol levels.
  • Style : Depending on where it’s grown, it’s generally easy
  • Food pairing : meat-based meals, foie gras, or Indian dishes.

Pinot Noir ( Pee-no Nwar)

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One of the noblest red wine grapes that is characterized with difficulty in growing and widely planted in France. It is rarely blended with no roughness and higher acid.

  • Taste : Very aromatic in red fruited ( cherry, cranberry) and red-floral (rose). Often with appealing notes of tea-leaf, beet, mushroom and earthy flavors.
  • Style : Lighter-bodied, high in acid and soft tannins.
  • Food Pairing : Nearly everything, even vegetarian food. Grilled salmon, chicken, lamb, and Japanese – you name it!


Last but not least, store your wine out of light and under room temperature. In most cases, keeping red wine is refrigerator goes a long way to keep it fresh.

When you have leftover wine in the bottle, preservation is key. As wine comes into contact with air, it quickly spoils. To slow down the deterioration process, use a quick vacuum pump to suck out the excess air. The less air in the bottle, the longer the wine’s lifespan.

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