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Foie Gras

Savor the ultimate indulgence with our exquisite foie gras collection. Velvety, decadent flavors await.

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Our foie gras selections come from premium producers in France who uphold centuries-old traditions. Ducks and geese get carefully raised and fattened through the traditional gavage method. This ensures livers develop that signature buttery richness.

For those who crave pure, unadulterated foie gras, our whole lobes deliver an unparalleled satiny texture and deep, nutty essence. Simply sear and serve these luxurious raw livers.

We also offer delectable prepared foie gras terrines and mousse – perfect for spreading on toasted brioche or crusty baguettes. Expect rich, velvety indulgence in every bite.

For a treat, our torchons come coated in an aromatic medley of herbs, spices, brandy or truffles to complement foie gras’ natural flavors.

Chefs and gastronomes alike will appreciate our foie gras au torchon presentations. These terrine loaves get carefully wrapped and slowly poached to maintain texture and flavor.

No matter the preparation, you can expect only the highest quality Grade A foie gras from us. We partner exclusively with ethical, small-farm producers committed to humane animal treatment.

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