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Cigar Accessories

Elevate your cigar experience with our curated collection of premium accessories.

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Properly cut and light your cigars using our selection of stylish cigar cutters and torch lighters. We offer classic double-blade guillotine cutters as well as sleek punch cuts. For lighting, choose from versatile single or dual-flame torch options.

Keep your cigars fresh with our incredible humidors. These handcrafted humidor boxes and cabinets provide the ideal cool, humid environment for aging and storing your cigar collection. Made from fine woods like Spanish cedar, they also add a sophisticated accessory to your space.

For cigar aficionados on-the-go, we carry portable travel humidors and humidor bags to protect your premium smokes while traveling. Many feature built-in humidification devices.

Our lineup also includes clever cigar accessories like ashtrays, holders, and cases to enhance your overall smoking experience. Choose from classic crystal and ceramic ashtrays or modern stainless steel options.

For the perfect pairing, explore our cigar aroma kits featuring rich balsamic vinegars, barrel-aged spirits, and gourmet dark chocolate accompaniments that harmonize beautifully with certain cigar notes.

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